Ask a foreigner to describe the archetypal American and you’d most likely hear a none too flattering depiction of Americans as materialistic, arrogant, wasteful, and well-known for being an overtly consumer society.


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As Americans, we have the right to object to these insulting descriptions, and we use that right, as we should! However, the truth is that we (yes, even you) do end up leaving a surprising amount of money on the table in a variety of ways.

Bank fees, indulging in conveniences, and a whole slew of small behaviors we partake of as a society involve wasteful money habits.

Making subtle changes in our lifestyle can greatly diminish the amount of money we waste, and can result in having more financial security down the road.

Check out the following slideshow and see if any of the figures surprise you! Make it a challenge, and pick at least one item to cut back on.

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