American Express launched two new benefits for customers who have the prestigious Platinum Card. This coming June, cardmembers will receive complimentary Wi-Fi access through Boingo and a new statement credit for the TSA’s pre-screening program.

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“With enhanced benefits like the TSA Precheck $85 statement credit option and Boingo Wi-FI, Platinum Card® from American Express Members can save money and enjoy an easier airport experience whether traveling domestically or abroad,” said Gary Portuesi, vice president of travel innovation at American Express, in prepared remarks.

Platinum Card customers have the option joining the Boingo American Express Preferred Plan, which isn’t a regular plan offered by the company. The plan offers free, unlimited access to more than 1,000,000 land-based Wi-Fi hotspots in airports, retail and hotel locations worldwide for up to four devices (does not include in-flight Wi-Fi).

The exclusive plan for Platinum Card customers is most similar to the Boingo Global Plan, which costs $59 per month (or $708 per year).

The TSA Precheck program offered expedited screening for pre-approved and low-risk travelers at participating U.S. airports. The application fee for the program is $85. Platinum Card will receive a statement credit for the same amount.

The benefits stand alongside the existing $100 statement credit for the Global Entry program, which allows expedited clearance for international travelers when arriving in the United States.

However, Platinum Card customers will only be able to choose between receiving the statement credit for the Global Entry program or the TSA Precheck program, not both. The statement credit is available once every five years.

Since the Global Entry program also offers access to the TSA Precheck program, it may seem like a no-brainer to opt for the $100 statement credit. However, cardmembers who don’t travel internationally and don’t qualify for the Global Entry program may simply opt for access to the TSA Precheck program alone.

The pricey annual fee brings more value

Known as an occupant in the upper echelon of plastic, the Platinum Card carries a hefty annual fee of $450. Despite the seemingly high yearly cost, the card’s benefits can more than make up for it. For instance, cardmembers receive $200 annually in airline statement credits, complimentary access to 600 airport lounges worldwide and more.

The newly added benefits will only bring more value to the card — there is no change to the card’s annual fee.

The Boingo Wi-Fi access brings a $708 value per year for Platinum Card customers who are already using the company’s Wi-Fi plans. It also helps save on costs for those who pay for standalone Wi-Fi services.

And, the new TSA Precheck statement credit offers an alternative cost-savings option for those who don’t meet the requirements for the Global Entry program.

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