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Bank of America® has decided to discontinue its Add It Up program, which rewards card customers with extra cash back when they shop through partnered online retailers, in an effort to bolster participation in the BankAmeriDeals program.

“We’re focusing on the BankAmeriDeals program,” said Betty Riess, a Bank of America® spokesperson. “With BankAmeriDeals, customers can choose the cash back deals they want in online or mobile banking. Customers have saved over $25.3 million dollars since the BankAmeriDeals program began in 2012.”

Registration to the Add It Up program is no longer available. The program will be closed in June 2014.

Launched more than five years ago, the Add It Up program is Bank of America®’s online shopping portal that includes hundreds of participating online merchants. Customers have to pay with a Bank of America® debit or credit card when shopping through the Add It Up program and they’d receive up to 20 percent cash back on qualifying purchases.

The relatively new BankAmeriDeals program is a merchant-funded rewards program — card customers are presented with deals that are offered by participating merchants. When a deal is selected, it is loaded onto a customer’s Bank of America® debit or credit card and redeemed on a qualifying purchase.

For instance, a retailer may offer a discount of $20 off on a $100 purchase. When this offer is redeemed through a qualifying purchase on a Bank of America® card, a statement credit is given for the discount.

In the past few years, such merchant-funded rewards programs have become increasing popular at major credit card issuers. American Express, Citi and Capital One are among the companies that provided these rewards programs to customers.

On the other hand, online shopping portals appear to be going out of demand. In January, Citi announced that its ThankYou Rewards online shopping program was terminated due to limited usage. It would not be a surprise to see more credit card issuers follow in the footsteps of Citi and Bank of America®.

But, consumers who regularly use such online shopping portals will have one less way to earn rewards on their purchases.

Fortunately, there are rebate sites that operate similar to these online shopping programs., and are some well-known rebate sites that allow consumers to earn cash back and rewards when purchases are made through them.

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  • deniisrodmon

    Wow, it was up and running just until yesterday. Their BankAmeri Deal, which is similar to AMEX deals, is very limited in variety and doesn’t have any merchants to choose from compared to additup. not a nice move.

    • Simon Zhen

      Thanks for the update! Did BofA send you a notice of the exact day that the program would go down? Also, since I’m not sure how the program pays out your cash-back earnings, were you able to redeem the balance that you accrued under the program?

      • deniisrodmon

        Last purchases I made using it was back in June 14th, and they do show up pending in my rewards section under my accounts. As far as any sort of a notice and what not, I did not receive anything. Not in my messages within the account, not in my email, nothing through the mail. I could have missed it somewhere, but I don’t see one.

        • Simon Zhen

          Odd that there was not notice of any kind, even if it was small message on the program’s webpage.

          What I’m concerned about is whether or not you’ll have enough time to cash out your rewards before it shuts down — and if some people will end up losing their rewards because they don’t have enough to meet redemption thresholds.

  • karenw19

    AmeriDeals isn’t very good. I only have 3 deals. there is a website called It has better cashback than any program I have seen.

  • James P

    I used the Add It Up program since inception. It was okay, although, I didn’t use it ALL that much. I WAS sent a notice a month or two ago that the program would be ending, so maybe some of you threw that notice away as junk mail, it happens. As for the remaining cash back balance, I actually just saw a credit to my checking account this morning which was specifically noted as “Add It Up”. With that being said, I’m guessing BOA is just depositing any credit balance you have into your checking account.

    • Simon Zhen

      James, thanks for updating everyone on the situation! Glad to see that BofA didn’t try to skimp out on paying out the cash back that everyone earned.