Being a celebrity means living a celebrity lifestyle — oversized everything, 12 cars, bottles of champagne, the whole nine yards, right? Anything is possible when you have the money for it.


Nobody likes paying taxes, especially when it seems like a sizable chunk of the pie you’re working for goes to the IRS. However, getting tangled up in tax issues can change your life. Evading taxes does not mean never having to pay them; it means being hunted down by the IRS and getting tax liens put on your property, bank account, and other assets that the government can seize as payment.

We’ve previously covered 10 famous celebs known for their chronic money troubles, and nine who evaded the IRS. 

Here are ten more star-studded cases of tax evasion, and wouldn’t you like to see who owes what, and whether they had good reason for skipping out on the government?

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