Having a tough time getting a regular credit card because of a lackluster or bad credit profile? Secured credit cards offer an entryway to getting a traditional credit card, but they have their fair share of costs and restrictions.

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Annual fees and higher-than-average APRs are common with secure credit cards, which also require cardholders to put money down as a deposit. The credit limit for a secured credit card is typically the same as the amount that was deposited.

Generally, the idea is to use a secured credit card responsibly by making on-time monthly payments. After the good credit behavior gets reported to the major credit bureaus, secured credit cardholders can start to think about applying for unsecured credit cards.

Some secured credit card issuers will even review one’s account and move a customer to an unsecured card if they feel that he or she has shown solid credit behavior.

Here are the top 5 secured credit cards that you should consider if you’re trying to improve your credit profile:

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