Google continues to make a case for its digital wallet by seeking to integrate Google Wallet with Google Glass, the hot new eyewear gadget that appears to have limitless applications. Currently, Google is testing a new functionality for Glass that would allow Google Wallet users to send money using their voices, according to a report by TechCrunch, citing an unnamed source.

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After setting up Google Wallet on Glass, users can just ask Glass to “send money” to someone. Like all other person-to-person payment services, the feature comes in handy for situations such as splitting the dinner bill or repaying a friend.

With positive results, it is likely that the feature will be made available to all Glass users.

Essentially, the money transfer service is an extension of the existing integration that is already present with Gmail for nearly a year. Having established a Google Wallet account, Gmail users can fire out a quick email that lets them pay other people.

It is free to to receive money. It is free to send money from a linked bank account or from the user’s Google Wallet balance. If the user is sending money through a debit or credit card, there is a fee of 2.9 percent per transaction (minimum of $0.30).

With Google Wallet on Glass, the revolutionary gadget is becoming more than just a device that will allow users to consume financial information — consumers will actually be moving money with it. And, Google is not the only one pioneering the technology for transactions and payments.

Last year, Intuit showed off a mobile payment feature that allowed Google Glass users to make purchases through Intuit’s GoPayment Platform. Using an app, Glass scans a QR code through which the user can complete a payment. This application was in its experimental phase.

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