Vacationing can often feel like a paradox — many people want to vacation, but also want to avoid the costs associated with doing so. One trend that’s picked up momentum in the past few years is to remain local and have a staycation to cut corners. Though this is a practical alternative we’ve previously discussed, it isn’t the only option available to you. In fact, the other alternative to making your dollar stretch lies far outside your state-side neighborhood — it’s in a whole ‘nother country.


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Depending on where you go, your dollar can carry much more weight than it does in the U.S. or other well-known destinations. With some research, you can strategically plan where you go and save a lot of money in the process. Before you start browsing around for the perfect vacationing spot, first draw up a budget. This will give you clear parameters on what you can and can’t afford, and will become integral to your decision-making process regarding lifestyle and location.

For instance, some countries aren’t as great a value as they once were, but still have a reputation for being cheap if you come with low expectations. Places like these might be better suited for backpackers and students taking a gap year to see the world before returning home, so consider your own preferences carefully. The truth might be that though you could get by on just a few dollars each day, the comfortable lifestyle you want will require you to dole out more money.

In the following slides, we include the year-to-date change cited by the Wall Street Journal, which lists the “rates of exchange for the U.S. dollar against various currency. A positive year-to-date change means the dollar has strengthened against this currency so far this year and will purchase more of this currency; a negative figure means it has weakened.”

As of now, a dollar goes extremely far in Ghana. However, its still-shaky economic circumstances ruled out the practicality of naming the spot as a tourist attraction, leading us to filter countries to only include locations known for being vacation hubs. Check out the top five destinations where your dollar goes further in 2014.

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