Straddling the 38th parallel between North and South Korea lies the most heavily militarized border in the world. It’s called the Korean Demilitarized Zone — a strip of land that’s roughly 160 miles long and full of barbed-wire fences, land mines, listening posts, and of course soldiers.


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Curious visitors to South Korea can visit the DMZ on a guided tour, taking in sites like Camp Bonifas, a U.S./South Korean military base, and the Joint Security Area, where South and North Korean forces stand facing each other. As part of the tour, visitors can also take a peek at — what else — a gift shop. Called the world’s most bizarre gift shop by some, you can purchase everything from utensils to t-shirts to North Korean currency and alcohol.

Typical tours take you to an infiltration tunnel built by North Koreans as well as Dorasan Station, a railway that connects North and South Korea. At each of these stops, gift shops hawk unusual and kitschy items. Take a look at the slideshow to see the strange gifts you can buy.

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