One of three students would sacrifice an organ to get debt relief, a survey by MyBankTracker showed, while two out of three respondents would prefer debt to the prospect of active service.

survey on how far students would go to loose debt

Additional findings:

  • More than half of students say they’d happily turn their lives into a reality show to pay the debts;
  • And more than 40 percent would pony up half their possessions;
  • One in three even agreed to participate in “questionable” health studies,
  • But a strong majority rejected the army as an option, with 68 percent saying “no way” to a debt-payment trade for service.

The study of more than 200 student debtors was inspired by new data showing the total number of American borrowers — 40 million students — and their combined debt this year hitting a record of more than $1.2 trillion, roughly equal to the gross national product of Canada.

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