Bank of America is pushing the envelope in the world of mobile banking by bringing many of its online banking features to its mobile apps. This week, the bank’s iPhone and Android apps received major updates that come with a long list of enhancements, many of which are not found in most mobile banking apps, including those from some of the other big U.S. banks.

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Two of the notable new features include the ability to schedule a branch appointment and to request card replacements.

The scheduling feature on the app displays a calendar through which customers can select an open time slot to speak with a banker on a particular date.

Also, in the event that customers lose their debit or credit cards, they can request a replacement through the mobile app (charges may apply for expedited delivery).

All the new capabilities come alongside a redesigned menu that makes it easier for customers to navigate Bank of America’s iPhone and Android apps.

Here are the other new features in the new Bank of America mobile banking apps:

  • View available credit for credit cards
  • Find routing and account numbers
  • Easily transfer money to recipients from your personal contacts
  • Easier control of camera for check deposits
  • Modify schedule bill payments
  • Edit account nicknames
  • Edit checking or savings transactions descriptions
  • Order copies of posted checks

Bank of America’s mobile banking app for the Android platform does not yet have this new set of features.

Last year, Bank of America mentioned that some of these mobile banking capabilities would be available to its customers. However, some announced features — such as travel notifications and a click-to-call button — have yet to be released.

Aiming to become a mobile banking leader

In a 2014 mobile banking study by Forrester Research, Chase and U.S. Bank were tied for the highest score among the first largest banks in the country. Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Citi were 3rd, 4th and 5 places, respectively.

Forrester found that customers wanted features that tackled service-related tasks.

With the new mobile banking feature from Bank of America, the bank vies to stand out against the competition in the mobile-banking arena.

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