Christmas is finally here! This year Christmas Eve falls on a Wednesday, and both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will affect bank schedules. Find out which banks plan to stay open on Christmas Eve and get the holiday bank hours for the the 10 largest banks in the U.S.

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Christmas Eve is the last business day before the Christmas weekend goes into full effect, so consider this a significant day in taking care of your financial responsibilities. Maybe you need to go to your branch to replenish your depleted account to pay bills or you have overdrafted your bank account from buying one too many gifts — whatever the reason, you depend on your bank to stay open when you need them.

Find out the holiday bank hours for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day of 2014:

BankChristmas Eve 2014Christmas Day 2014
Bank of AmericaClose at 3 p.m. Closed
Wells FargoClose at 2 p.m. Closed
ChaseClose at 3 p.m. Closed
CitibankNormal hoursClosed
U.S. BankClose at 2 p.m. Closed
PNC BankClose at 2 p.m. Closed (including supermarket branches)
Capital OneClose at 2 p.m. Closed
TD BankClose at 3 p.m. Closed
BB&TClose at 2 p.m. Closed
SunTrust BankClose at 2 p.m. Closed (including in-store locations)

Christmas Day holiday bank hours

All the top 10 biggest banks of America will be closing its doors on Christmas Day — including the supermarket branches of PNC Bank and in-store locations of SunTrust Bank.

Since Christmas Eve is not a recognized national holiday in the United States, you will rarely see banks closing on this day. At the same time, as the Eve of one of the biggest holiday in the U.S., many will close earlier than usual (either at 2 p.m. or 3 p.m.). In fact, all of the banks will have a half-day, with the exception of Citibank, which will resume its regular business hours.

Note that the bank holiday hours may or may not affect the in-store and supermarket locations. In the case of SunTrust bank, some of their in-store branches will resume regular hours, despite the fact that their bank branches are expected to close at 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Make sure to call ahead to find out the exact holiday schedule for your local branch or in-store locations.

Other closings

Christmas Eve definitely feels like a holiday to many Americans, as they will either enjoy a day off from work or school, but for many others — including government workers — it’s just another day.

On non-federal holidays, like Christmas Eve, government offices will stay open while many schools will remain closed. Like the major banks in America, the stock market will be closing early at 1 p.m. EST.

On Christmas Day, schools and government offices will be closed, as well as most retail businesses. The stock market will also be closed. Even though you’re probably wishing that your package will be delivered by Christmas, it’s not going to happen if the shipment was made through the United States Postal Service, as they too will remain closed on Christmas. Next time, try getting your gifts delivered through a private shipment company like UPS or FedEx.

What does it mean when your bank is closed?

Federal holidays, including Christmas Day, are considered to be a non-business day. Like the weekend, any checks deposited on this day will not be processed until the next business day. Again, Christmas Eve is not a federal holiday, therefore, any deposits that are made before the cut-off time will be processed as usual.

For example, at Bank of America, customers will be serviced through 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve. The cut off time is 2:30 p.m. EST, which means requests made after this time on Wednesday, Dec. 24 will be processed until the next business day (this year it will be on Friday, Dec. 26).

It takes a day to be processed which means the check you deposited on Christmas Eve will actually be available on the following Monday, Dec. 29. This is full five days (holiday, business days, weekends) that it took for your funds to become available to you.

Note that cut off times may differ depending on the bank and even by the branches, so be sure to contact them to see what time their cut off is within the branch for the deposit to count for that day’s business.

What you can do

A four-day blackout is a big deal for people who are trying to take care of last-minute financial duties before the year is over.

Since all branches have announced that they will be closing for Christmas, with many banks also closing earlier than usual on Christmas Eve, it is up to you to stop by your local branch beforehand to get ready for the holidays — especially if you need to complete time-sensitive transactions that require the help of a banker or a teller.

In the case that you didn’t make it to your bank before it closed, there is still a chance for you to carry out the transaction without having to go through the bank. If you need cash for last-minute errands, remember that the ATMs will remain accessible throughout the holidays. Additionally, mobile and online banking will help you to take care of most banking transactions.

In the case that  you still need additional help, you can always call the customer service representative on the phone by looking up your bank on MyBankTracker’s Bank Profile page.

Hope you get everything you wished for this holiday! The MyBankTracker team would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday!

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