1. You look like a fool for months after trusting your friend to cut your hair.


Cakechooser source


2. Because you refuse to pay for things like ATM fees, you run around aimlessly looking for your bank.


Quoteko.com source


3. You purchase a large drink and notice there’s a soda machine with free refills.


Makeagif source


4. You work out without proper equipment — lifting weights with anything slightly heavy around the house.


Meatballcandy source

5. You mourn the loss of your free Wi-Fi source (your neighbor), who moved away.


Rapgenius source


6. You hate sharing food.


Memecenter source


7. You’re incensed when you find out items at the 99 Cent Store don’t always cost 99 cents.


theuniversedisturbed source

8. You flock to free events, only to find out a million other people are doing the same thing.


Wifflegif source


9. You order the cheapest thing on the menu, only to find out your pals want to split the bill evenly.


Giphy source


10. You buy things in bulk to save money, but end up throwing half of it out because it expired.


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  • Simon Zhen

    #3, 5, 7, 9, 10.

    • Theresa Kim

      Thanks for the feedback Simon! 5 out of 10 — not bad. Are there any other pains of a cheapskate that you know of? How about when you decide to cook at home to save money, but it ends up costing you more and not tasting as good as the take-out. I hate that. Let us know!

  • Gerald Morales

    How about eating at the dollar menu only to feel unsatisfied with your meal? I believe this has happened to everyone at some point.

  • Avery Tanner

    9. You order the cheapest thing on the menu, only to find out your pals want to split the bill evenly. – hahaha! I think I’ve honestly made the same face in that Jim Carey gif!! Like c’monnnn, splitting the bill evenly should be announced prior to ordering #justsaying

    Other pains I can think of: Keeping things that break cos you’ll still find a use for them. Eventually.. right?

  • Tara

    napkin hoarders anonymous and saving condiments that come with your takeout and letting them accumulate to a massive collection of old packets you’ll never use

  • Theresa Kim

    I never considered myself a cheapskate but putting this article together, I realized that I’ve experienced many of these “heartaches” in the past. Gif #1 is a true story from my college years. Haha.

    You might enjoy our article on the 13 Signs You’re Still Broke: http://bit.ly/UAd1C0