10 Money-Saving Apps to Download: Spring 2014


ExpensifyTrack all of your daily spending habits with Expensify. The app allows you to track all of your bank accounts and credit cards in one central location, to provide an easy way to keep track of what you spend and where. You should never be surprised again when you look at your monthly bank and credit card statements.


yowzaWant an easier way to keep track of deals without putting in a lot of hard work and effort? Yowza offers a way for you to practice smart shopping by always finding the best deal. Download the app for free on your iPhone or Android mobile device and it will literally show you coupons for thousands of stores, nationwide. The best part about the app is that you can pull up a coupon from your phone and have the cashier from a select retailer scan it straight from your device, there’s no printing necessary.


cardstarCarrying loyalty cards can be a strain in your pocket or purse. Eliminate the clutter in your wallet by taking a picture of all of your loyalty cards and placing them on the CardStar app. The app is available for free on both the iPhone and Android marketplace.

Gas Buddy

Gas BuddyThe average price of gas in the U.S. is $3.72 for a regular gallon, which is an increase of three cents from the previous week. Gas prices have increased for the past 12 weeks straight, and it is not looking to drop anytime soon. To help reduce the amount of money you spend at the pump, download the GasBuddy app on your iPhone or Android device. This free app allows you to compare prices of gas at various locations. Regularly using this app can help you save money all throughout the month as you fuel up to drive.


RedLaserDownload RedLaser immediately if you are an avid shopper always on the hunt for the best deals possible. The Red Laser app allows you to scan the bar code of any item you are going to purchase to compare prices from nearby retailers. See if there is a better deal down the street or if you are getting the most for your buck when you’re out shopping. The app can help you avoid unnecessary overspending.


WhatsAppRecently acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, WhatsApp is a popular application for people who travel abroad. The app allows you to send text messages to people to for free as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.


GoodRXAllergies got you down? The average American spends around $1,000 on prescription drugs every year. GoodRX will allow you to save money on prescription drugs by helping you find the cheapest prices available at local drug stores. Anyone can download this app from the Apple or Android marketplace. If you want to potentially save hundreds of dollars a year on prescription medication then this is the perfect app to download.


SkyScannerFor those traveling this spring, saving money on a flight can prevent you from digging deep into your bank account. Skyscanner will help you look at deals from over thousands of airlines and hotels to figure out the best and cheapest combination to reserve for your travels.


MyBankTrackerThe MyBankTracker app is currently available for the iPhone and is here to provide you with all the latest news and updates related to the financial world. Our app also allows you to find banks near your location. The most unique feature of MyBankTracker is that you can leave a review of a bank to help others make an informed decision.