10 Reasons to Donate This Holiday Season


1. Help those in need

It goes without saying, but helping people in need is a good thing. Without anyone dedicating a portion of their time and energy to help someone else, there would be no existence of positive organizations that dedicate time to the less fortunate.
Donations help make the holiday season cheerful for those that have had a rough year.

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2. Giving back can improve your mood and health

Altruism actually helps improve your mood and reduces stress. Studies have shown that people who give to others are more likely feel more accomplished in life. There are long lasting benefits to the body and mind when helping others. Donating to a cause can trigger the areas of your brain associated with feeling positive. Those positive thoughts can stay with you and lift your spirits whenever finances, work, or anything else gets you down.

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3. You can grow in the process

Taking on the responsibility and providing help at a charitable event can assist in  your own personal growth. Whether it's your first time donating or you have been doing it for quite some time, there is something to learn. If you form a relationship with a particular organization you may be given more responsibility as time progresses. The skills you learn can help give you the confidence to take charge in other areas of life.

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4. Changing lives

All it takes is one donation to change a person's life. One toy, shirt, or cash donation can make a big impact on a child or family's life. An act of kindness goes far for those with little hope.

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5. Donations are a tax write-off

In addition to helping others, donating is a tax write-off. Keep all of your donation receipts when you file taxes.

Remember, you can write off more than just cash donations. If you purchase clothes or toys and donate them to charity, you can write off the money spent on those items.

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6. Set a good example

Your children, relatives, friends, and other people in your life who see you donating will remember what you did to help others. Set a good example and others may choose to follow. Remind your friends and family that there are people less fortunate that can use your help.

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7. Support foundations

Charitable foundations are only as strong as the people that contribute to them. Without people to help donate or volunteer, a foundation cannot continue its operations. Every contribution helps, no matter the size.

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8. Puts money and finances into perspective

A donation on your part can help to put your own money and finances into perspective. Realizing that you have the ability to help others might remind you to be grateful for what you have this holiday season.

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9. Have a sense of purpose

If you have had a rough time finding a job, recently retired or have extra time on your hands, donating can give you a sense of purpose. It may be hard to pay bills right now, but others may have it worse. You can dedicate some of your time towards helping people that are unable to eat, or who don't have a roof over their head.

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10. Create social connections

Donating can open up your social circle. If you choose to volunteer, you may meet other people that you can build connections with. You never know who you could meet -- a new group of quality friends, a love interest, or even a potential new employer.

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  • highinterest

    “Studies have shown that people who give to others are more likely feel more accomplished in life.”

    Possibly because they are more accomplished, as in “they have enough to give.”