10 Useful Apps for Business Travelers


photo(4)You may be visiting a potential client in another city, but how many times have they asked you to choose the restaurant or location to conduct a meeting? With UrbanDaddy you can narrow down your search criteria to a specific day and time of the week to get an idea of the best places to visit. You can even tell the app you're with your boss, colleague, or potential client and it will help guide you further towards choosing the best place to visit.


photo(5)Want an overview of everything that's going on in a particular city you're going to visit? MyCityWay allows you to receive local news, weather updates, shopping suggestions, places to visit, and a variety of other relevant information about more than 100 popular cities across the globe. One of the most valuable features of this app is that it gives you transit updates by the minute.


traxoOnly available on the iPhone and iPad, Traxo keeps you organized throughout your entire trip.

Link your flight and hotel reservation information to the app and you'll never have to worry about your travel arrangements again.

This app helps you keep your itinerary in one place. It also helps you track your frequent flier miles, and it even alerts you when they are about to expire so they don't go to waste.

FlightTrack Pro

flighttrack-proBoth iPhone and Android carriers can use the FlightTrack Pro app. It costs a one-time fee of $10, but it is well worth it for the value.

This app keeps track of a flight's status, and provides updates to delays and gate changes.

You can check out maps of airports you visit, which makes it easy to find anything from coffee to a restroom without much hassle. The app provides this information for over 4,000 airports around the world.

Audio Memos

anFor less than one dollar, you can download Audio Memos on your iPhone or Android device.

This app will turn your phone into an advanced audio recorder. You can record business meetings and instantly send the file to your email for you to refer to in the future. You can also choose to upload the recording to Dropbox to ensure you never lose track of your recordings.

Conduit Mobile App Builder

photo(3)On a business trip to expand your business?

Download the Conduit mobile app builder and you can create an app for your business. You can create a mobile application with the app builder, and choose from a variety of templates to customize the look of your app.

Already have a website for your business? Well you can transfer the content through the app to convert it for mobile functionality.

Plans range from the basic and free version, to platinum, which costs $83 a month.


photo(3) copyNeed to run Microsoft Office on your iPad or Android tablet?

CloudOn allows you to run Microsoft Office on your tablet to help you prepare for a meeting, or take care of any other work that needs to be completed.

You can review presentations,  important documents, or go over numbers.


photo(4) copyAttending a business conference is only beneficial when you can make connections, and expand your network.

If you attend a business conference where the organizer uses Bizzabo, you can connect with other business contacts that attended the event.

You can connect with others through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to help make the connection with others. Grow your network and get into contact with anyone you feel can help you accomplish the goals you have outlined.


photo(6)Social media is an essential part of growing and expanding a business, yet managing a bunch of different accounts all at once can be difficult.

HootSuite allows users to connect all of their social media accounts to one central location.

Add your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts to the app.


photo(7)Constant communication is key to productivity.

Yammer helps teams remain in communication with one another by allowing all of those involved in the group chat to not only send messages, but to also send pictures, files, and track projects so that everyone knows what is going on.