12 Days of Financial Advice

Day 1: Shop Hassle-free This Holiday

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 3.00.35 PMFor this holiday season, refuse to experience buyer's remorse! Shop at these retailers to assuage your anxiety -- many of them accommodate customers by allowing returns and exchanges to be made at any time, and usually, without tags.

For the full list, head to this article to see some unbelievably flexible policies (one of them allows customers purchasing on Feb. 29 of a leap year until the next leap year to make a return!).

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Day 2: Transition Your Finances to the Digital Age

7118761213_5bd4ee0ba4_zTechnology is a great thing. Thanks to the digital age, financial errands have become much less of a chore, and easy to keep track of.

Completely digitize your finances today, with these 5 steps, or check out these 3 apps that we think are just as great as Mint. Also, catch up on the apps we've rated as must-haves.

Finally, if you're doing all the holiday shopping in your household, download these apps to take all the pressure off.

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Day 3: Fall for a New Bank

5561921409_4b9ee4eea8_zHave you had one too many bad experiences with your bank? Get rid of your negative relationship for the new year, and look for these features to make sure you’re in love with your new bank.

Important factors you'll want to keep an eye out for are location, a history of fair fees, and easy transitioning! See what else, here.

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Day 4: Snag Holiday Gifts That Are a Huge Value

3124499660_7071e68c53_z-1Make the most of last minute holiday shopping by finding room in your budget to grab these best deals on year-end purchases — you won’t be sorry!

So often, the products retailers advertise are old stock, or products with lackluster features. These items, however, are known for pricing that's especially affordable during the merry winter days.

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Day 6: Put Your Budget into Perspective

6171995790_613f01b326_zTurn over a new leaf by checking out these 5 common sense budgeting techniques that can help you get on track with your spending and saving so that debt is never a problem for you.

The five methods we highlight are helpful for a variety of different personalities, financial mindsets, and savings goals. Find the perfect tactic for you, here!

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Day 7: Be Strategic and Rack up Travel Rewards

2616370700_b8f54b96b5_zThe holiday travel season is officially here. If you’re strategic enough, you can rack up way more hotel room points than the average consumer!

You might not be used to executing strategies while on vacation, but these steps are simple, basic, and let's give ourselves a little credit here, genius.

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Day 8: Outsmart Retailers by Resisting Their Tricks

5687230483_e9ef410877_zYou might be shocked when you read just how sneaky stores are -- they'll basically do anything to get you to spend.

Check if the wool’s been pulled over your eyes with our list of gimmicks retailers use that trick customers into spending more.

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Day 9: Prepare for the New Year with Updates on Retirement Saving

8137804912_0ede241a6f_zBrush up on the changes that are coming in 2014 with this article on the new 401(k) and IRA rules.

They aren't major, but there are a few slight adjustments that may impact your saving.

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Day 10: Hack Your Checking and Savings for $$$

1443799697_5754ccb744_zDo you have annoying everyday tasks that seem to burn a hole in your pocket?

You might not realize which areas you can save big on. Use these 5 checking and savings money hacks into your routine, and see how much you save.

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Day 11: Reevaluate Your Checking Account

Balancing The AccountIs your checking account tailored to fit you? Or do you find that you have to accommodate your bank? Consider whether your checking account is meeting your needs, with these accounts tailored for different lifestyles.

We've classified some great accounts for individuals, depending on age, and even marital status!

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Day 12: Get More Cash Back

8125974243_f6ce8726f2_zHere are ways you can maximize your cash back card rewards!

Getting more cash back is as easy as clicking on your favorite sites through a particular website or portal.

For more tips, see our article.

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