The 12 Worst Financial Slogans


rubbishbullEDITAdvertising Slogan: "Be Bullish"
Corporation: Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Industry: Investment Managemen
Area Served: Worldwide

Being bullish is not the panacea in trading because the market is always changing. Being stubbornly bullish without regarding market trends can lead to significant losses -- which is not the image you want to advertise to your potential investors.

2-Minute Fix-up: "Riding the bull through the bull market."

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PREZ4Advertising Slogan: "Think what we can do for you."
Corporation: Bank of America Corporation
Industry: Banking, Financial Services
Area Served: Worldwide

Sound familiar? John F. Kennedy famously asked the question: "Ask not what your country can do for you" in his Inaugural Address.

You're bound to lose points on originality for copying such a famous quote. What’s next? Bank of the people, by the people, for the people?

2-Minute Fix-up: "You think it. We do it."

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yourmoneyyourproblemEDITAdvertising Slogan: "We’ll treat your money like it’s your money."
Corporation: California Federal Bank
Industry: Financial services, Investment management
Area Served: California, United States

This is tricky.  Of course we don't want you to treat our money like your money -- but treating our money like it's our money -- makes me feel that you're not going to care much.

2-Minute Fix-up: "Your money. Our Job."

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AMEXdontleaveFinaleditAdvertising Slogan: "Don’t leave home without it."
Corporation: American Express Company
Industry: Consumer Financial Services
Area Served: Worldwide

American Express is infamous for not being accepted everywhere -- so why bring up your weakness. Successful advertising works to magnify your strengths while concealing your weaknesses.

2 Minute Fix-up: "Always on your side."

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socratesquoteEDItAdvertising Slogan: "Uncommon Wisdom"
Corporation: Wachovia Securities Corporate and Investment Banking Group
Industry: Banking
Area Served: United States

Wisdom, like modesty, should not be proclaimed about oneself voluntarily. They should take a lesson from Socrates, Confucius and King Solomon -- all wise enough not to do that.

2-Minute Fix-up: "Uncommon approach for the common good."

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centrumEDITAdvertising Slogan: “Because Change HappenZ.”
Corporation: Zurich Insurance Group AG
Industry: Insurance (Property & Casualty)
Area Served: Worldwide

Switzerland's biggest insurer Zurich Insurance Group was beaten by Allianz -- the world's largest insurance company on multiple levels, including slogans.

Zurich must have really liked Allianz's slogan "Insurance solutions from A to Z," because they also tried to end their slogan with a "Z" -- but without much success. They could have at least made the effort to start the slogan with an "A."

2-Minute Fix-up: "Insurance that covers people from Anchorage to Zurich!"

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rightsizeforyouEDITAdvertising Slogan: "Just the right size for you."
Corporation: Provident Bank
Industry: Banking
Area Served: New Jersey, United States

Banks are infamous for providing impersonal services -- and what better way to confirm this than with an one-size-fits-all slogan?

2-Minute Fix-up: "The perfect fit."

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thumbswithnumEDITAdvertising Slogan: "Your better choice."
Corporation: Community Resource Credit Union
Industry: Credit Union
Area Served: Texas, United States

My better choice… over what? My hair? My friends? My spouse?

That’s just not nice.

2-Minute Fix-up: "Best money decision you can make."

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TIMESARETOUGGGheditAdvertising Slogan: "Times are tough."
Corporation: County Bank
Industry: Banking
Area Served: Delaware, United States

When times are tough, people want someone to commiserate with -- but not their bank. No one wants to hear that someone who is handling their money is having a hard time. People depend on their bank to help them out of a mess in a time of need.

2-Minute Fix-up: "Times are tough -- but so are we."

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coasthillsEDITAdvertising Slogan: “Bank among friends.”
Corporation: CoastHills Federal Credit Union
Industry: Credit union
Area Served: California, United States

It’s been said time and time again that friends and money do not mix. It’s common wisdom that people try their hardest not to test this adage. So why would a bank suggest something so taboo in a slogan?

2-Minute Fix-up: "Friendliest banking in town."

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BNZeditAdvertising Slogan: “Better off.”
Corporation: Bank of New Zealand
Industry: Banking
Area Served: New Zealand

I can't help but to wonder if they're saying that I'll be better off with or without them.

Addtionally, the term "better off" usually indicates that a certain situation would be relatively more satisfactory in comparison. It does not say anything about how much better it'll be or if it'll even be good.

2-Minute Fix-up: "That's better."

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tastetestappleEDITAdvertising Slogan: "Just a little better."
Corporation: BBVA Compass Bancshares, Inc.
Industry: Financial Services
Area Served: United States

No one is going to make the effort to transfer over their bank account for “just a little better” service. You don't have to promise them the stars, but this is advertising for goodness sakes!

All those extra things that your bank has to offer that others don’t should not be summed into being a little better -- try much better or go crazy and say the “best” -- it's all about the wording.

2-Minute Fix-up: "Just better."

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