5 Reasons Why My Bank is Wonderful

Free Checking

slide1Free Checking - Although Chase offers two types of checking accounts, I wanted the free checking account.

The account I have required no minimum balance as long as I set up direct deposit through my employer.

Direct deposit is great because I receive the funds a day before payday.

The other checking account is an interest bearing account which requires a minimum $5,000 balance with direct deposit.

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Bill Pay

billsThis option allows me to pay my bills online in a timely fashion. It’s a great feature for me because it deducts a set amount each month from my account to cover bills.

This allows me to manage my money and my bills.

If for some reason there’s not enough money in my account to cover what’s due, it will send me an email alert and not withdraw the funds, which can cause expensive overdraft fees.

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Multiple ATMs

atmLet’s face it, no one wants to walk blocks just to go to the bank or drive to the nearest branch.

Chase has many branch locations and walk up ATMs within walking distance of my house.

Some ATMs are located in local drug stores like Duane Reade and CVS, and even when traveling out of state, I can easily find a branch, which alleviates outside ATM fees.

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Cash Back

cashThis feature is great because every time I make a purchase with my card, if I opt to use it as a credit card instead of a debit card, I get cash back.

It may seem like pennies at first, but it adds up and any additional money in my bank account, no matter the amount, is a good thing.

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Customer Service

slide4Good customer service is the backbone of any business and Chase definitely lives up to that standard.

On several occasions when I called customer service I was always greeted with a friendly voice who was ready to solve my problems.

Even in the individual branches, the customer service representatives are friendly. They make me feel like a person and not just an account number.

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