Apps for People With Bad Credit

Credit Karma

photo(6) copyThe very first action you want to take to help improve your bad credit is to get an idea of your credit score. Download the Credit Karma app on your phone and you will receive your credit score as it appears from TransUnion. While this is not an actually FICO score, the score provided is still a fairly accurate indicator of where you stand.

The app allows you to receive constant updates on your credit score. So you can track your actually progress every month to see if your efforts are actually working.



photo(6)Have a hard time saving money? Having savings is important in case you run into hard times, or face an unexpected financial expense. The SavedPlus app allows you to set money aside every time you spend. You can set the app to send money directly into your savings or checking account for every transaction you complete. Set a percentage amount you would like to be transferred, and it will automatically complete this task for you. For example, if you set the app to send 10 percent of the total amount of what you spent to your bank account, and you spend $100, the app will send an additional $10 to your account. SavedPlus provides a way for you to save on a regular basis.

Power Wallet

BudgetsView all of your accounts in one place, have your monthly calendar of bills in one place, look at your budget whenever you'd like, and do much more with the Power Wallet app. This app allows you to manage your money between various accounts so that you are never surprised about how much money you have altogether, and it even supports international banks. The most powerful tool this app provides is its calendar. You can set up alerts for when your bills are due so that you never miss a payment again, which is one of the most critical aspects of rebuilding your credit.


photo(7)Maximize your savings and meet your budget goals with ease by downloading Larky. Are you a member of a variety of entities, but always forget to capitalize on the savings discounts they provide? The app has a perks dashboard, which serves as your hub to view all of the discounts available to you in one central location. Now you can feel confident that you are maximizing your savings potential, and don't recklessly spend money you did not have to. Larky is currently only available on the iPhone, but will soon be released on the Android marketplace.


photo(9)Have a few credit cards with different perks but never sure which one would give you back the most for your buck? Wallaby helps you figure out which credit card would be the best to use in a particular situation. While refraining from using your credit card is encouraged to help you obtain a good credit standing, if you do plan to use your credit cards, you should make sure that you take advantage of the maximum perks you can receive. app

freecreditscoreThe app offers you a bit more than Credit Karma in terms of your credit. You receive your actual FICO score with the app, as well as your PLUS score. Additionally, you can get an estimation of how certain decisions regarding your accounts and debt could impact your credit score. For instance, you can get an estimation of your credit score if you decide to pay off a credit card as opposed to a loan. You are required to provide your credit card information, and may be subject to pay for the monthly membership if you forget to cancel your free trial membership.