18 Great Books to Teach Kids About Money


'Curious George Saves His Pennies'

Ages 3-7, HMH Books

A staple of the preschool bracket, Curious George's financial exploits begin with saving up for a toy train and almost ends when he loses his piggy bank at the toy store. The hardcover book comes with a pop-out piggy bank and coins activity page, and you can separately purchase an iPad supplement.

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'Jenny Found A Penny'

Ages 3-7, Millbrook Press

Jenny discovers multiple ways to save up for a dollar by finding loose change around the house and earning money from her parents. Life-sized coin illustrations will help your kid identify pennies and nickels in no time.

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'Follow The Money!'

Ages 3-7, Holiday House

This clever take on money follows the day of a newly minted quarter as it gets spent around town. The talking presidential heads are sure to please readers as they learn about how money interchanges hands.

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'A Dollar For Penny'

Ages 3-7, Random House Books For Young Readers

This simple but charming reading and math lesson describes how Penny increases the prices at her lemonade stand until she finally saves enough to buy a birthday card for her mother.

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'Sheep In A Shop'

Ages 3-7, HMH Books

The rhyming adventure of these lovable sheep teach a lesson about creatively earning money to buy a fabulous birthday present.

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'Three Cups'

Ages 3-7, Thomas Nelson

Based on the author Tony Townsley's own experiences, "Three Cups" teaches children to divide their funds into categories: saving, spending and charity. Readers will discover that there's more to having money than just spending it on toys and candy.

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'Once Upon a Dime: A Math Adventure'

Ages 3-7, Charlesbridge

Much coin-counting ensues when a farmer accidentally grows a money tree. One Amazon reviewer says, "You can use this book to teach about coins, counting money, compost and fertilizers affects on plants, and money from other countries."

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'The Berenstain Bears' Trouble with Money'

Ages 3-7, Random House Books For Young Readers

The Berenstain Bear cubs are a little too good at spending money, and in this installment, they learn the value of earning money the right way and saving it.

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'Noom and Raj Start A Business'

Ages 3-7, Moonjar

This book comes bundled with a Moonjar kit to drive home the message of compartmentalizing funds. In the process of opening their lemonade stand, the adorable Noom and Raj travel the entire alphabet of money terms, from "allowances" to "zero debt."

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'Money Madness'

Ages 3-7, Holiday House

"Money Madness" is a history lesson that takes readers from the system of bartering to today's digital money. One Amazon reviewer praises the "memorable section on the impracticalities of barter economies, and an interesting table on currency exchange rates."

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'Do I Need It? or Do I Want It?: Making Budget Choices'

Ages 3-7, Lerner Publishing Group

This book teaches the importance of sorting one's needs from wants. One Amazon reviewer says, "This was an eye opener for our six-year-old who WANTS everything. It is very well explained and started some interesting conversations."

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'Sold! A Mothematics Adventure'

Ages 3-7, Charlesbridge

"Sold!" delves into the world of auctions, where a young boy inadvertently bids on a pile of stuff he doesn't want and has to find a way to turn his debt around. Says one Amazon reviewer, "The math is probably (mostly multiplication) a bit above a first grade level, but my class loved the storyline."

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'The Go-Around Dollar'

Ages 8-12, Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers

"The Go-Around Dollar" is an entertaining story that imparts the concept of physical money as it cycles through the economy, with lots of extra trivia about American currency.

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'Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday'

Ages 8-12, Atheneum Books For Young Readers

This humorous tale follows Alexander, who spends his dollar bit by bit no matter how hard he tries not to. One Amazon reviewer says, " For parents who have young children whose money is constantly burning a hole in their pockets, 'Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday' could be a gentle way of making the point they have probably already made repeatedly."

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'One Hen - How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference'

Ages 8-12, Kids Can Press

Based on the true-life story of successful entrepreneur Kwabena Darko, "One Hen" is the tale of a young boy in Ghana who uses a bit of money from his mother to buy one hen and grow it into a large flock, eventually earning a microloan for his farm. Readers might be inspired to start their own small business ventures and impact the community positively.

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'Money Sense For Kids'

Ages 8-12, HMH Books

This comprehensive handbook of information is an invaluable resource for youngsters. The book discusses complicated financial topics and explains it in a simple yet effective way.

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'The Toothpaste Millionaire'

Ages 8-12, Barron's Educational Series

Originally published in 1972 and reprinted in 2006, "The Toothpaste Millionaire" follows Kate and Rufus as they build their own toothpaste business; the fun story explores the steps and challenges in running your own company.

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'The Everything Kids' Money Book: Earn it, save it, and watch it grow!'

Ages 8-12, F+W/Adams Media

More than simply a manual, "The Everything Kids' Money Book" is a well-organized workbook that covers everything from money printing to compounding interest.

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