Live Hassle-Free: 11 Must-Have Apps 2013

Your Commute: Waze

wazeWaze is a helpful app for drivers, as it includes real-time information about traffic, accidents and more. The information is submitted by other users.

I've used this app many times myself and like the fact that it is information packed. It sends you information about what's happening on your route when you come to a full stop.

The one thing I did notice was that it wasn't very accurate in terms of finding the best route home when there were no accidents or traffic. I had to actually use Google maps a few times instead due to the odd, round-about directions it gave. However, the traffic information was very useful.

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Devices: iPhone and Android

Rewards Cards: Key Ring

keyringMost customers won't shop at their local drugstore or supermarket without their trusty rewards card.

Rather than "momifying" your key chain with those pesky rewards cards, use Key Ring to scan and store all your rewards information, including your gym card!

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Devices: iPhone and Android

Save Money: Grocery iQ

groceryiqIf you sometimes tend to over shop (and waste money) each week at your local supermarket, you should consider downloading Grocery iQ, which tallies up your grocery bill before you get to the grocery counter!

The app also stores and organizes your grocery list.

Grocery iQ is great for people who want to save money, as  it has a constantly-updated coupon database that you can easily browse through. You can print them wirelessly or email it to yourself.

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Devices: iPhone and Android

Comparison Shop Like a Pro: RedLaser

redlaserIf you won't buy anything without comparison shopping first, RedLaser is a must.

The app allows you to scan barcodes for all kinds of items. After you scan, it shows you how much your desired item costs at various competitor stores, including online shops.

It pulls prices from retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and local stores near you.

A big plus -- it also shows you nutritional information for different foods!

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Devices: iPhone and Android

Splitting a Bill in a Snap: Swift Bill

swiftbillThanks to lots of bill-splitting apps, the headache of finding out how much you owe when dining out with ten of your closest friends is over.

Although there are many to choose from, I recommend Swift Bill, as it differs from other check splitting apps in that it has the ability to itemize each thing on the bill. It can also email your friends a copy of the itemized bill.

I like this app just because it calculates the bill based on what each person ate. I disagree with splitting the bill evenly ten ways -- especially if all you ordered was an appetizer, but that's another story.

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Devices: iPhone and Android

Organize Your Life: Evernote

evernoteSmartphone users love Evernote! The app has been around for a while, and is a wonderful tool to get you organized.

It lets you take notes, snap photos, record voice memos, create to-do lists and saves the information in a searchable database.

Evernote also uses cloud storage, which means you can sync your other devices!

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Devices: iPhone and Android



WiFi Finder

wififinderI think most people have found themselves needing a WiFi connection for one reason or another after leaving their home. Sometimes, your smartphone just isn't enough, and when you need to look up where to find the nearest connection, use WiFi Finder.

Using the GPS function on your phone, it tells you exactly where the closest WiFi is and gives you directions on how to get there.

You can also filter by location type -- restaurant, cafe, hotel, etc.

This app is also great for travelers.

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Devices: iPhone and Android

No More Wasting Time on the Phone with Customer Service: Fast Customer

fast-customerFinally... an app that sympathizes with the millions of people who are on hold after calling customer support. Thank you, Fast Customer!

This ingenious app enables one-touch calling to over 2,000 companies and will wait on hold for you, calling you back once the customer service rep is on the line!

Fast Customer also offers a number that you can text a company's name to and the customer service rep will call you back.

Why waste time (and money) waiting on hold?

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Devices: iPhone and Android

Forget Finding an ATM to Pay Friends: Venmo

venmoCommon problem: you don't have any cash.

Here's a free way to pay your friends when you're dining out, for movies, concert tickets, and more.

Venmo is a P2P app that allows you to pay someone by using your debit card or bank account.

According to their description on iTunes, Venmo has the following features:

• Transfer money you receive in your Venmo account balance to your bank account overnight.
• Bank-grade 256-bit encryption and Verisign Certified

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Devices: iPhone and Android

Forget the Pen, Paper or Scanner: Sign Easy

signIn the digital age, it was just a matter of time before using your smartphone to sign documents was created.

Thanks to Sign Easy, users can sign and return documents from their smartphone or tablet.

You'll never have to run to a fax machine or scanner again!

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Devices: iPhone and Android

Secure Your Account Passwords in a Safe Place: Keeper

keeperI don't know about you, but I'm paranoid about hackers, so passwords to my accounts are all completely different, which makes it a challenge to remember them all. I used to use MyDisk to lock and store my passwords, but it was inconvenient because it wasn't very organized.

I discovered Keeper, which really is a keeper! It manages my passwords and private information from all of my devices.

Here are some noteworthy features from iTunes:

• Securely access your passwords, private information and website logins from anywhere.
• Sync seamlessly across your Smartphones, Tablets and Computers.
• Auto-Fill your passwords on mobile and desktop browsers.
• Share records with other family members or business teams.
• Enjoy peace of mind with military-grade encryption which protects your data.

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Devices: iPhone and Android