5 Free Investment-Tracking Tools for Your Retirement Portfolio



Mint is known for being a great personal financial management tool that shows all of your accounts in one place, including all of your investment and retirement accounts. Mint will show your investment account balances, performance, allocation, trends and more.

Although Mint does not go too in-depth with advice and guidance on investing, it remains a simple tool for reviewing your retirement portfolio. Mint will also point you to a brokerage firm or other investing-focused service depending on how you want to handle your investments.


Personal Capital

Personal Capital is very much like Mint, but with a major emphasis on investing. You can connect your financial accounts to see your net worth. Personal Capital’s greatest strength is the ability to break down your investment portfolio in an easy-to-understand manner.

You can view account balances, portfolio performance, asset allocation and more at no cost. The tool will review your portfolio to see where you can make improvements to reach your goals. Additionally, Personal Capital will analyze the fees of your 401(k) plan and your investments to see if you’re paying too much.

For a fee that is equal to a percentage of your portfolio balance, dedicated Personal Capital Advisors will manage and tailor your investment portfolio to your financial needs.



SigFig lets you sync your IRAs, 401(k)s and brokerage accounts so that your investments can be reviewed in one single location. SigFig feature various tools to show the strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio. It’ll even guide you through creating and maintaining a balance portfolio -- for free.

For a monthly fee of $10, SigFig will use low-cost funds to create and rebalance a diversified portfolio according to your risk tolerance. SigFig’s portfolio guidance feature works with many major brokerages.



FutureAdvisor acts as an online investment advisor that focuses on using low-cost index funds to create and maintain a diversified portfolio for IRAs, 401(k)s and other investment accounts.

The free version of Future Advisor will provide personalized account-by-account recommendations across your entire investment portfolio, after which you can make the necessary trades on your own.

For an annual fee equal to a small percentage of your assets, FutureAdvisor will assume control of your investment accounts and make trades to ensure a balanced, diversified portfolio that’s also tax efficient.



Jemstep is an online portfolio management tool that allows users to monitor all retirement accounts in one place. Jemstep will project your retirement situation, analyze your portfolio’s asset allocation and show sample portfolio recommendations to improve your retirement investments.

The basic Jemstep plan is free, but it’s premium plan ranges from $17.99 to $69.99 per month, depending on the value of the managed assets. The premium plan is free if your total portfolio value is less than $25,000.

Under the premium plan, Jemstep develops a customized action plan, provides ongoing analysis of your portfolio and regularly reminds you to rebalance your accounts.