5 Free Money-Saving Apps for College Students


photo(3)Tired of buying textbooks at the bookstore or ordering online only to find a better deal elsewhere a week later? Chegg allows students to rent or buy both new and used textbooks. Find the best deals through the app straight on your phone. You can download select textbooks so that you don't have to carry them around all the time.

Done with your textbook for the semester? Chegg also allows you to sell your old textbooks through the app. Help other students buy used textbooks for a more affordable price, and get a little cash back as well.



ATM Hunter

photo(4)Out-of-network ATM fees can quickly add up.

College students that find it hard to withdraw cash or complete a transaction on ATMs in their network should download ATM Hunter.

This application shows you the location of ATMs based on your present location.

You can search for ATMs specifically within your network to avoid paying for out-of-network fees.


photo(5)Repair and maintenance on a vehicle can be very costly if you receive help from the wrong mechanic.

RepairPal helps you figure out the true cost of how much repairs should be for your vehicle.

Input the make and model of your vehicle into the app and repair estimates will be provided. You will also get a list of the top shops in your area that can complete these repairs.


photo(1)Stop paying more than you should for gas. GasBuddy shows you the lowest prices of gas in your area. Simply put in your location on the app and you can view the cheapest gas prices near your home, campus, or on your way back from out of town.

Plan a road trip ahead of time and find the cheapest places to stop and fuel up on gas.

GasBuddy also gives away $250 of free gas every week. Help keep the app updated by posting the latest prices of gas and you may get lucky and score some free gas for your assistance.


photo(2)Lend money to a roommate, friend, or classmate with reassurance they can pay you back instantly.

The Venmo app allows users to pay one another straight through the application.

All that is required is to download Venmo, then  link your debit card or bank account to the app.