5 Fun & Thrifty Things to Do Labor Day Weekend


Last Minute Getaway Deals

Cheaptickets.com, Priceline.com, and other discount fare websites have great sales going on.

It would be a great time to get out of town, especially if you want to go visit that friend you haven’t seen since college or if you and the family just need to break away from it all.

Round-trip tickets to San Francisco from NYC are available starting around the mid $200s. That is a steal! Be sure to take advantage of the deals immediately as Labor Day is quickly approaching.


Become a Tourist

If you happen to live in a big city, then become a tourist in your own backyard. Cities thrive off the holidays and usually set up attractions particularly for that holiday.

Now that you have the day off, join a walking tour; T'ai chi in the park, discover a hidden festival. New York City will have its annual West Indian American Day Parade on September 2nd.

Browse through your city’s website with the keyword free and see how many hits you get. I bet you won’t be disappointed.


Do-It-Yourself Projects

Dying to dye some shirts?

Make it a craft day, especially if you need to entertain the little ones! I know, a day off from work shouldn’t involve any kind of labor, but DIY ideas will not only get you moving, but also get your creative juices flowing.

Invite your friends over and make it a party.  Pinterest and Buzzfeed offer a ton of minimal effort ideas that you can do with items around the house.

Create a post-it board from used wine corks and an old frame, jazz up a t-shirt, or personalize some mugs with a sharpie (and your oven).



Sometimes there is truly nothing better than giving back to others, especially if it gets you into an event for free.

There are plenty of races, music festivals, senior activities, gardens, and art shows that will need people to handle an influx of participants.

Why not donate some of you time to helping others enjoy their weekend as well? You may get a snazzy shirt and make new friends in the process.


Dinner and Movie Night

Grab your friends and pool your resources to cook up a delicious potluck.

Work separates us from our friends and family, so dedicate a night to reconnecting. After you make dinner, you can either spend the night playing board games or engaging in a movie marathon.

Eighties flick "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off" seems very befitting for the day.

Whatever you plan on, do it in company you enjoy -- it'll make it a thousand times better. Happy Holidays!