Inexpensive Activities & Gifts for Father’s Day

Catch a Movie

movieFather's Day is about quality time and bonding.

Your dad isn't expecting a yacht and he doesn't want a tie. He wants nothing more than to enjoy a few hours with you.

A movie is a great way to get some snacks, watch a new flick and chat about the movie afterwards.

It's a great way to bond and show him that you enjoy spending time with him.

A day at the movies can cost you around $40 for tickets and snacks.

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Enjoy a Baseball Game

baseballIt is called America's favorite past time for a reason.

Baseball games are a great way to bond with your father. The camaraderie and the atmosphere will have you and your dad soaking in the past and present as you watch your favorite team play.

Even if it isn't your favorite team, you can still enjoy a day at the park with some loaded hot dogs, peanuts and cold drinks.

There are some fairly inexpensive tickets on father's day.

You can score some cheap seats for about $20 each. Food and drink should be an additional $20.

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golfThis can be one of the most relaxing and memorable days with your dad.

Whether your dad plays like a pro or has never picked up a golf club before in his life, a day on the green can be fun and relaxing.

Prices for different courses vary greatly, so call ahead or check their website for pricing.

You can also take your father to a driving range and hit some golf balls long and far for about $15 a person.

Senior citizens do receive discounts at most places; check with golf courses in your area.

Also, be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time -- especially if you're aiming to play on Father's Day.

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Bike Riding

bikeFind a local bike path and ride around your city or town.

You can stop for some food, check out some local shops or street vendors and if you're lucky, you can get some Italian icees.

The summer weather should set the tone for the day, all you have to do is pedal.

You can reminisce about the time your dad taught you how to ride a bike, and it's a great way to get some exercise.

Local bike rentals can cost up to $15 for the day; if you own your own, it's free!

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Street Festival

streetfairSpend the day with your father at a street festival.

The food you find at festivals can be some of the best eats you can find anywhere.

Italian sausages, oysters, calamari and many other greasy and delicious foods can be discovered.

There are also a ton of activities available. Shooting some hoops, gambling at the quarter machines, and the fortune teller are just a few of the many things you will find at these fairs.

A day at the street festival can cost you around $40 for food/drinks/games.

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Shave, Haircut and Shoe shine

barberMen love getting pampered too!

Get him a nice haircut with a classic barber's shave. There's nothing like a good old fashioned straight edge shave with some foamy cream.

After he is clean and well-groomed, take him to your nearest shoe shine vendor. He can enjoy the day's paper and get his shoes looking like mirrors.

A haircut and shave, can cost about $30. A shoe shine should be around $5, including tip.

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fishingDominate the sea, lake, pond or river and bring home that trophy fish!

Head to your nearest bait-n-tackle shop and get some supplies for your trip.

Try to find a convenient area for travel; many beaches have areas designated for fishing.

It should be memorable day for the both of you. Just remember, whoever catches the bigger fish caught gets all the bragging rights!

Bait and a pair of fishing rods can cost you around $50, if you decide to purchase them. If you rent them and fish on a boat, it can cost roughly $30 a person.

Remember to purchase a fishing license, if necessary.

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Cable Subscription

cableWhy not get Dad something he would actually use?

For the couch potato dad who loves watching TV, an extra subscription added to his monthly cable is a great gift idea.

Extra channels to certain sports networks, movies or international shows can cost extra.

Perhaps you can sign up for a 6 month to one year subscription with his cable company.

Be sure to haggle for a good deal!

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