Unusual But Useful: 5 Startups You Didn’t Know About

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Bridal Brokerage

Some engaged couples never make it to the altar, while others don't have the time (or funds) to plan a big nuptial shindig. Bridal Brokerage brings the two groups together by allowing people to buy someone else's canceled wedding celebration.

The site says that more than 250,000 weddings are canceled each year, and with the average cost of weddings at $27,000, it's a handy way for the formerly betrothed to recoup some financial losses.

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HowAboutWe for Couples

The question "What do you want to do?" can plague long-term couples, especially if the two of you have already watched everything available on Netflix. HowAboutWe for Couples plans a selection of interesting date options that you can "book" -- the site takes care of details so you and your honey can just show up and enjoy each other's company.

Registration is free, though a paid monthly membership is also available. For now, the service doesn't extend beyond New York City, but plans to expand are in the works.

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Child's Own Studio

Child's Own Studio

Whether your child is the next Cézanne or only has a passing interest in crayons, Child's Own Studio can immortalize those amateur scribbles as an adorable stuffed toy. The wait list is so saturated that orders for 2013 are already closed.

Vancouver-based Wendy Tsao has been creating these delightful plushes since 2007, but her one-woman operation grants her startup status in our eyes.

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Click and Grow

Not everyone has the time, space or talent to maintain a garden, but that doesn't mean apartment dwellers and green-thumb lackers don't deserve to have fresh herbs at their fingertips too. Click and Grow aims to fill that void with its "electronic smartpot," a battery-operated kit that requires watering only once a month.

The company is accumulating Kickstarter funds for its next project, the Smart Herb Garden, an upgraded system that includes an LED light and can hold up to three plants.

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Rent a Mourner

With roots in ancient literature and already practiced in countries such as China and Kenya, professional mourning is slowly migrating to the Western world. U.K.-based Rent-a-Mourner has a staff of 20 that can be hired to attend a funeral service if you fear a small attendance.

Though tragic, it's not a bad way to make some extra cash, particularly for aspiring actors. Perhaps we'll see a U.S. version sometime soon?

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