5 Ways to Stay Motivated While Saving


Make a List

Some of us are better at writing than creating. Make a list of reasons why the thing you are saving for is important.

Use a mixture of tangible and self-empowering phrases: “Because I’ve never been to Paris,” or “Because I work hard and deserve to treat myself.”

Try to keep it positive.

Tape the list on your refrigerator or any area where you feel a reminder will lift your spirits.

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Get a Budget Buddy

You’re “budget buddy” can be a family member, friend, or close co-worker. This person can be anyone you feel comfortable with when it comes to discussing your financial goals.

Your buddy can help you stay on track and can also be a source that reminds you why you started saving in the first place. The best thing about a budget buddy is that he/she can be saving for something as well!

This way, the two (or more) of you are in this spending/savings battle together.

Remember, friends don’t let friends spend.

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Make a Vision Board

Seeing is believing -- creating something is a cathartic way of handling stress or anxiety, as saving can be stressful.

Create a colleague, poster, or drawing that depicts the idea or item for which you are saving. If it is the idea of financial stability, find images that represent that, such as a nice house, a car you always wanted, or activities you hope to enjoy.

If you are saving for a vacation, find pictures of the place you want to go to paste them together. You can hang your reminder in the office to motivate you throughout the day (especially when you face difficult challenges) or you can leave it out in your bedroom as a nice reminder after waking up.

There are plenty ideas for vision boards all over the net.

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Treat Yourself… Modestly

Like dieting, you don’t want to just cut all your junk food, cold turkey. Think about how grumpy you would be!

Make intermittent goals for yourself. When you reach a goal, treat yourself to something you may have sacrificed.

Haven’t been going out for drinks with friends because of the cost? Treat yourself to one drink with a group of friends this weekend and let them know about your accomplishment.

Be sure not to break the bank in treating yourself! Try to keep it light on the spending, but heavy on the quality time with people who will keep you motivated to reach your goal.

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Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Saving can be hard, and there will be set backs.

Perhaps there was a medical emergency, you need to make a last-minute flight to go back home, or you spent more than you wanted at some point.

Life happens and we have to accept it and move forward. Don’t let set backs discourage you from your goals. Yes, it may take a little longer to get what you want, but if you stay encouraged and learn how to be crafty, you will get what you ultimately want in the end.

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