6 Apps and Gadgets That Can Protect Your Money

Wallet TrackR


Scared of losing your wallet or having it stolen? Wallet TrackR is a device that slips into your wallet to prevent this from happening. Upon activation, you can view the location of any item linked to the TrackR app. In a matter of seconds you can see a location of your lost device right on your phone. The app doesn't stop there, it also helps prevent you from leaving things behind. The app will ring after you have left your phone behind, that way you don't have to worry about forgetting it to track your wallet. The Wallet TrackR device can also easily fit on a keychain, in a laptop case, or in any other bag you carry around. This device can help prevent you from losing your wallet with cash and credit cards inside for a thief to use at their disposal. It can also help you track down a lost or stolen wallet in the event that you no longer have possession of it.

Wallet TrackR is available for both the iPhone and Android devices.

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Losing a smart phone can prove disastrous if you have sensitive information on either of these devices. A thief that has stolen one of your gadgets deserves to get caught, and that is what GotYa! does for customers. For $1.99 this app will help you track down your smart phone. You can enable the app to take a picture of the person in possession of the phone. The app can then send you their latest location by providing your GPS (global positioning system) coordinates of the location the photo was taken.

GotYa! is only available on the Android smartphone via the Android marketplace.

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Credit Card Sleeves


Newer credit cards come with a little computer chip inside that acts as a radio antenna to transmit your account information. The U.S. has over 35 million of these credit cards in circulation, according to the Nilson Report. These credit cards make paying on the go easier and faster than ever -- in most cases you can just scan a card upon checkout.

The problem is that these cards send out data wherever you travel. So anyone with a device that can take the data can essentially steal your credit card information to use later on. Therefore, credit card sleeves are a solution. Anyone with a credit card that has a built-in chip should invest into a protective sleeve to prevent their data from leaking out and falling in the hands of phishers (someone who scams for money).

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CreditCard Generator/Validator

Credit Card Generator

Never use your actual credit card to sign up for a free trial on the web again. The content on the site could be valuable to you, but you may not feel comfortable putting your credit card information just to gain access to features on the site.

That is where CreditCard Generator/Validator is valuable, the app will generate a number for you to use in place of your real number. This added layer of protection prevents the website from charging you an insane fee if you forget to remove your credit card information, and hackers won't be able to obtain your real credit card information if the site's security is breached.

CreditCard Generator/Validator is currently free and only available on the Googleplay marketplace.

Encrypt your phone for protection


Encryption is the process of adding an extra layer of protection to your data. As opposed to the information being stored on your phone in plane text, encryption will jumble up the data to make it difficult for hackers to find any information on your phone.

Many people may not realize they can encrypt their smartphone. Androids, iPhones and other types of smart phones have settings that allow you to encrypt the data on the device. Refer to your phone's manual, the provider's website, or a customer service representative to learn how to encrypt your phone. By adding encryption to your phone you can help prevent phishers from stealing your credit card information stored on the device, notes with sensitive information, or any other data that could put your money at risk.

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1Password Image

Saving sensitive information like passwords on your phone can be dangerous if someone manages to steal the data. 1Password can both help you track all of your passwords, and keep them secure so that you do not have to worry about someone stealing that information on it. If encrypting your phone is too hard for you to figure out, this could be a great alternative, especially since the app encrypts the passwords you store.

Anyone that is horrible at creating new passwords will find this app very helpful. 1Password will help you generate a new and hard to recognize password whenever you need one, that way you won't have to spend a long time trying to figure out a new password.