The 5 Coolest Summer Jobs You Wished You Applied For


For the Jet-Setter

Australia launched a viral campaign when it announced its "Best Jobs in the World" contest, which offered six positions ranging from "Taste Master" to "Chief Funster." More than 40,000 people across the globe applied for the jobs, which are a six-month commitment that comes with $50,000 for salary and $50,000 for living expenses.

Nominees are currently being evaluated, and you can watch their entry videos here. The jobs start in August, which will be autumn in North America but spring and summer down under!

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For Students 21+

Jack Wills, a "fabulously British" brand aimed at young adults, ups the ante on seasonal employment with its yearly Seasonnaires campaign to recruit college kids for a summer of traveling and partying. (Education in retail and marketing are thrown in somewhere.)

But wait -- there's more! At the end of the gig, each Seasonnaire is awarded a $20,000 scholarship. You'd better grab a camera and start working on next year's application. Winter positions are also available for snow-lovers.

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For the Outdoorsy

Having an interest in animals or biology doesn't necessarily mean working at the vet all summer. For hands-on experience, get a job doing wildlife research or conservation. For example, one contributor from the Sparknotes community detailed his time spent working on grizzly bear research. The bears are probably indifferent to the student's dedication, but it certainly seemed fulfilling and educational.

There isn't a  unified place to apply to these positions, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website is a good place to start looking.

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For the Tech-Savvy

Ranked by Glassdoor as the best company for an internship and the subject of an upcoming comedy film, Google is undoubtedly one of the coolest places to work. Aspiring software engineers contribute to projects while presumably taking ample breaks for ping-pong and ice cream.

Those who don't make the traditional internship program can also do Google's Summer of Coding, which doesn't provide access to the decked-out offices but does offer an enriching mentorship experience and stipend.

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For the Seafaring

If you can put the past year's cruise ship disasters out of your mind, because working on a floating resort is a lively way to travel the world. The hours are flexible, you don't have to clean up after yourself and the commute every morning is practically nonexistent, writes blogger Roy Marvelous.

All kinds of positions are available, and it's best to apply directly at each cruise line's website. If sandy beaches and palm trees aren't really your thing, you can also get on board an Alaskan cruise.

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