6 Very Funny Finance Commercials


For Everything Else, There's MasterCard

MasterCard launched its first infamous "Priceless" commercial in October of 1997. There have been countless versions, and many parodies too, and all of them are classic.

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E-Trade's Trading Babies

E-Trade’s commercials feature talking, bond-investing, stock-trading babies that have been making headlines for years.

These ads dominated the Super Bowl one year. And who could blame them? Babies talking about investing! It’s the perfect viral combination.

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Alec Baldwin's Capital One Ventures

Capital One has tapped many celebrities for its commercials, but many of its best commercials have been with long-time endorser Alec Baldwin.

In its most recent commercials, Capital One enlisted Charles Barkley to star alongside Baldwin to celebrate March Madness.

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Bob the TD Ameritrade Vampire

Vampires are still hot, right? In this quirky 30-second spot for retirement planning with TD Ameritrade, "Bob" needs to retire, and soon, because unfortunately for him, he's not a vampire and won't live to 153.

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Ally Bank + Kids = Fun

These series of cute commercials with little kids hits straight to the point: banks shouldn’t withhold information or perks from customers, but give them to others. Like the Citi commercials, it's hard to not watch all of them.

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