6 Tips for Your Summertime Job Search

Get an Early Start

jobThe saying goes the early bird gets the worm and this is true for searching for the perfect summer job.

If you know that you have a particular company in mind, do your due diligence and research the company on sites like LinkedIn.

Look out for important factors such as deadlines to submit the application as well as any other supporting documentation you may need to provide such as recommendation letters, transcripts, etc.

It may take time to get these additional documents, so plan accordingly.

Don’t wait until the deadline date to submit materials.

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Scrap the Summer Attire

job2If you’re serious about looking for work, even if it’s at a fast food restaurant, dress professionally.

Leave the flip flops and shorts for the pool. Keep the sunglasses at home and make sure that you own at least one power suit in your closet.

If you’re chosen to be hired, inquire about the dress code for the summer months.

Many companies don’t like flip flops at the job. Besides, you can injure yourself if you’re feet aren’t fully covered.

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Sit Back and Wait

job2Don’t expect to hear from the hiring company right away.

It can sometimes take up to several weeks or even months for them to make a decision.

In the case of an internship, it can take even longer which is  why the process should get started at least by the previous semester.

While you wait, it's a good idea to brush up on your interviewing skills and research on the company.

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Give Yourself Extra Time

trafficThis cannot be stressed enough. There's nothing worse than arriving to an interview late.

There are unforeseen events that can happen such as traffic, delays in public transportation or oversleeping.

Give yourself enough time to eat a good breakfast and have your interview attire on deck the night before the interview.

Time the average amount of travel time it will take you to get to your destination before you go to the interview.

The summer heat can be sweltering, and you don’t want to go into the interview letting them see you sweat, literally.

Plan to arrive at least ten minutes before the interview.

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The Friday Interview

fridayIf at all possible, try not to schedule an interview on Fridays during the summer.

Some companies have the option of employees taking what’s called a summer Friday where the employees either are off for that day or leave early.

Many people are often thinking about what their plans will be for the weekend, which may take the focus off the interview.

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If You're a Recent College Grad

colleegeCollege graduates will always have the challenge of looking for a job right after walking across the stage.

Try to look for a job and secure a position before the summer months.

If you had an internship while in school and they were impressed by your performance, apply for a position within the company.

You will be surprised how many interns score a position with the company they interned with.

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