8 Things You Don’t Ever Need to Buy New



The value of a car depreciates once driven off of the lot and that value declines between 15% and 25% yearly for five years after purchase. In buying a used car or certified pre-owned car, you save on both the initial costs and insurance. 

Have a trusty mechanic look at it to determine what additional costs may occur.

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Looking for a furry addition to the family? Instead of buying an animal from a pet store (which mainly come from puppy farms), consider adopting a pet from an animal shelter. Adopting an animal from a shelter means you're giving it a new home and potentially saving its life, as many shelters euthanize the animals due to overcrowding.
It will also save you thousands of dollars, as many rescue organizations charge anywhere from $75-$400 to adopt.

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Musical Instruments


If your child is taking lessons with a musical instrument, avoid the expense of buying one brand new, and scour sites such as eBay or Amazon for used instruments. 

Another option is to rent them. Renting may seem like a better option if your child decides they don’t like to play the violin.

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With sites like Amazon and ThriftBooks.com, you can buy books for a fraction of the cost. The condition of the books varies and if you’re a student, Textbooks.com is a great site for discounted books. 

The library is also a great alternative to check out free materials.

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Recreational Equipment


Some people may end up using their sports equipment a handful of times. When these items are resold, they are usually in mint condition.  

Previously owned items can be found for sale on eBay, yard sales or sports equipment stores, which sell models from the previous year at a discounted price.

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Designer Clothes


Even the savviest fashionista will find a bargain, even if the clothes are slightly used. With consignment sites like Snob Swap, Karma Couture and of course eBay, you can find high-end fashion that’s marked down almost 70% in some instances. You don’t have to necessarily buy brand new to look like a million bucks!

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Office Furniture & Home Furniture


Quality office furniture usually withstands wear and tear over time. With companies downsizing or going out of business completely, you can easily find deals on filing cabinets, desks and even soft leather conference room chairs. Try looking for bargains on Craigslist or local classifieds.

Buying furniture for your home is extremely expensive if you purchase everything new. While we wouldn't recommend buying a mattress or couch secondhand, furniture pieces like an office desk, end table or TV stand is perfectly suitable to purchase used.

Another great tip is to haggle the price down, if you are trolling through Craigslist. As long as the offer is reasonable, many sellers are happy to move the item as quickly as possible.

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Games and Toys


Many toys that were once a favorite or hit with the kids are suddenly buried in the toy chest collecting dust.  

You can swap toys with the neighbors or buy them at garage or moving sales. Thrift stores are also a great place to find toys and board games. Give those toys a thorough wash before letting the kids play with them. 

Video games can also be sold online and bought online through Gamefly.com.

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