Live Hassle-Free (Part 2): 8 Must-Have Apps of 2013


gas buddy3GasBuddy helps you save on gas by tracking gas prices in your area.

That way, you can find the best deal! This app is useful for all drivers, but especially for those whose occupation calls for a lot of driving, such as professional drivers, delivery people or plumbers.

Users can share their local gas prices to update the app, and in return are entered into a weekly drawing to win a pre-paid gas card.

Available on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry

Out To Eat With Kids

out to eat with kidsThis app helps families save money and find a kid-friendly restaurant.

Allow the app to use your location and you'll get all the restaurants closest to you, and the deals they're offering and you will discover where kids can eat free, including the times, dates, and restrictions.

Available on: iPhone, Android




Snip Snap

snip snap3Snip Snap helps you condense all your coupons.

This app allows you to take a photo of a coupon you might have received online or in the mail and add it to the app.

When you see a coupon you know you want to use, click on "Snip It."

Then, when you're at the location, your phone will "ping" and remind you that you have coupons you wanted to use.

This also enables you to snip coupons other users have uploaded as well!

Available on: iPhone, Android



ibotta2Ibotta helps you earn money when shopping.

Use the app to find products you want to purchase, such as juice or coffee, and follow the links to have the various amounts of money you can earn added to your account.

Select the store where you will buy the items, and after you've made your purchase, take a photo of your receipt.

Ibotta will then deposit the amount you've earned directly into your account!

Available on: iPhone, Android



savingstar2SavingStar is another coupon app with a very unique function.

It gives you coupons for the things you need at your favorite grocery and drugstores.

Here's how it works: you pay the normal price in-store  and the savings from the coupons add up inside the app.

When you reach $5, you can put the savings in your bank account, donate to charity, or redeem them for an Amazon gift card.

Doesn't this remind you of the spare change jar?

Available on: iPhone, Android

ATM Hunter

ATM hunter 2This app, operated by Mastercard, targets your location to find you nearby ATMs.

You can program the app to find ATMs for your specific bank, and filter the results even further to show certain features, such as 24-hour service, drive-through access, or wheelchair accessibility.

It even provides driving directions to the ATM!

Available on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry


expensify2Expensify enables you to sync your credit cards and bank accounts, making it easy to follow all of your purchases.

Everything you input then gets filtered into an easy-to-read expense report online.

You can also take pictures of your receipts and file them away into an electronic record.

This definitely comes in handy during tax season!

Available on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry

Hotel Tonight

hotelHotel Tonight helps last-minute travelers save on luxury hotels, offering significant same-day discounts on upscale hotels in major cities nationwide.

Rates of hotels are posted after 12 P.M. on the day of check-in, resulting in savings of up to 70 percent off.

A recent search of hotels in New York City showed a savings of nearly $200 for a one-night stay at the trendy Algonquin Hotel, discounted from $499 to $319.

Available on: iPhone, Android