8 Ridiculously Priced Every Day Items


BBQ Grill: $11,500

You can buy a grill for $29.99 at Target or you can buy this grill for over $11k and the next time you turn over the chicken, it will look like you're flipping gold in a treasure chest.

(Image via Etsy)


Bottle Opener: $194

Get a prestigious bottle-opening experience with this $194 bottle opener, even if that drink costs just $5 (also, the price of a typical bottle opener).

(Image via JapanTrendShop)


Gold Plated Staples: $79

A regular box of staples costs around $4. These are no ordinary staples. Instead of a cardboard box, they come in a velvety ring box. And instead of being made from zinc-plated steel, they are made from 14 carat gold.

We wonder what types of documents that would be worthy of such staples.

(Image via ooosm)


Painted Ceramic Coaster: $4,000

Normally you'd put your drink on a coaster that you bought for $1 right?

You may want to think twice before putting anything on these coasters. When you spend $4,000 on them, you might not want to get them messy.

(Image via Etsy)


Diamond Encrusted Vacuum: $20,224

You must really love vacuuming if you spend $20,224 on one that is diamond encrusted.

You can get a fully functional diamond-less vacuum for as low as $49. Or, just hire someone to do the vacuuming for you.

(Image via designyoutrust)


Pacifier: $17,000

It's understandable that parents don't want their baby putting anything bad in their mouth. How about diamonds? You can give this pacifier to your infant for $17,000.

The average pacifier costs $3.

(Image via shoppingblog)


Spheres of Ice: $325 (50 pieces)

We all like to keep our drinks chilled. But, if you cannot stand the geometrically unappetizing shape of typical ice cubes, you can purchase these spheres of ice to enhance your drink at the price of $325 for 50 ice spheres.

For those who don't care how ice looks in your drink, that ice tray in your freeze will suffice.

(Image via glace-ice)


Fork with Googly-Eyes: $34,876

This item brings a whole new meaning to "watch what you eat." For $34,000 on Etsy, your fork can watch you.

You can also purchase a set of forks for $10 and a pack of googly-eyes for $5 and make this yourself.

(Image via Etsy)