8 Surprising Tax Deductions



One man was able to count the entire $50,000 he spent on his travels as a tax deduction. He was able to do this because he wrote a book that was based on his trip. His adventures counted as business expenses.

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One woman was able to claim her iPhone as a tax deduction. How? After suffering a brain injury during a car accident, the woman was left disabled. Siri now acts as her personal assistant to remind her what she needs to do on a daily basis, and by answering questions for her. Without her iPhone (and Siri) the woman would need a personal assistant, so the IRS allowed her to deduct her phone as a medical expense.

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A man who owns a pie store enjoys treating himself to dessert for lunch and dinner frequently. He would occasionally get pie, but was not sure how to claim it on his taxes.

Finally, he was able to claim all of the pies he ate as a form of research. The man claimed he would taste the pies to brainstorm new ingredients to add to the pies he bakes at his business.

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A Pet

People who have moved before may already know this, but you can claim your pet when you relocate to a new home. This is only possible if you count your pet as a personal belonging, and you are moving. The cost of moving your pet is added to the overall deduction you make for relocating.

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Breast Augmentation

One woman was able to enlarge her breasts and claim a portion of the medical expenses as a tax deduction. She was an exotic dancer and claimed the surgery as a business expense. Her claim was accepted without a fuss.

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Body Oil

The everyday person may not be able to claim body oil as a tax deduction, but a bodybuilder can. As most people know, bodybuilders are required to apply oil on their bodies before competitions.

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Lazy Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Did you know you can claim your broke boyfriend or girlfriend for up to $3,900 on your taxes? As long as he or she lived with you throughout the previous year, and you fully supported him or her, you can claim them on your taxes.

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New Garden

Work from home? You may be able to deduct a portion of your landscaping costs. This is because your home is considered your business as well. Therefore, the appearance of your home is factored into your ability to conduct business operations.

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