8 Unusual Money-Making Techniques

Undergo Medical Tests and Studies

8525821233_116df7e3e5_zThere are many opportunities for healthy and illness-specific individuals to participate in medical research programs, such as those offered by the NIH Clinical Center, which has conducted clinical research for the past five decades. According to their program site, there are currently 300 open studies, many of which are seeking healthy individuals.

Other places to check for openings are the Craigslist volunteers page, gigs, and large universities. The compensation for these studies range from a few dollars to four-figure digits.

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Dip Into Your Life Insurance or IRA Funds

11431851765_6ccd5e459a_zDepending on your life insurance, you may be able to dip into your money now. If you have whole or universal life insurance, your insurance will have a "cash value" that you can access by calling your life insurance company.

As for your IRA, you may be able to qualify for an eligible withdrawal, but if not, you'll be hit with a 10% penalty as well as taxes on your withdrawal. However, if you are in dire straights and need cash now, you may be willing to pay the penalty.

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Take In a Tenant

5230971216_0b9cf5d22d_zYou can make serious money by taking in a boarder. By renting out rooms in your home, you'll get a secondary source of income, which can be as easy as it sounds. Just be sure you write a lease agreement that your tenant signs off on to avoid costly financial renovations and windfalls.

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Become an Online Chore Runner

3551086003_4f4cbd9186_zBelieve it or not, there are sites that now exist to help people outsource their chores. Domystuff.com allows individuals to post a task and set a time limit for others to bid on their chores. Individuals can pick based on location, rating, and more.

Another site to try is Amazon's Mechanical Turk program, in which assignments are posted and individuals can perform tasks. However, these tasks are much more basic and usually pay only a few cents. Once $10 has been accumulated task-doers will be credited $10 to their account.

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Sell Your 'Goods'

8452618885_c3a107fafc_zUnappetizing as it may sound, you can sell your hair, plasma, and breast milk in the U.S. In many larger cities, there are clinics that pay up to $35 for plasma, which can be given twice a week.

Another way to make cash is to cut off at least ten inches of uncolored hair, which sites such as The Hair Trader helps you sell, often netting hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Finally, mothers with an abundance of breast milk can offer their milk for sale on the Internet, though this method is extremely questionable.

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Recycle Scrap Metal

3392659406_a7a6454008_zIt's a little-known fact that you can sell scrap metal to a salvage yard or recycling center, which can be as easy as finding unused copper pipes in your home, or finding unused junk in your garage or shed.

A better place to look may even be the refuse areas in and around your neighborhood, where others may have discarded metal items.

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Sell Stuff on Craigslist

2958571501_c0f54a8ba6_zSo selling your stuff on Craigslist isn't that unusual, but it may be a source of untapped money if the thought hadn't occurred to you.

On Craigslist you can buy or sell almost anything, so raid your room and find items that could use a new home.

Even if there's nothing you have to sell, there are often people who post items free of sale to whoever wants to pick them up.

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Donate More Than Your Time

9630302438_4c72d9293e_zWe've all heard of sperm donations, but if you're a male in need of money, your genetic material could be the one thing to give you a supplementary income. Most donors will get around $40 per donation, and sperm can only be donated every five days.

However, sperm donors must undergo months of tests, a long-term commitment to the sperm bank, and no sperm excretions when off the clock.

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