9 Wealthy Celebs Who Evaded Taxes

Nicholas Cage

celebs8Where do we start with Nicholas Cage? In 2007 he was charged with deducting $600,000 in personal expenses. Two years later in 2009 he was charged with $6.2 million in back taxes for failure to pay on the $24 million he made for his roles in "Ghost Rider" and "Grindhouse."

As a result he had to give up his Bavarian Castle, and properties in Las Vegas, California, and New Orleans.

As for his heinous tax evasion, he blamed his business manager and accountants.


Lil' Kim

celebs4In February 2012 it was revealed that Lil' Kim had eight state and federal tax warrants filed against her in three different states, totaling almost $1 million.

That figure is tame compared to most of the other celebs on this list, and according to the rapper's spokesperson, she plans to pay off all her debt.


Willie Nelson

celebs2Poor Willie Nelson. It was said that Nelson trusted his accountants to pay his taxes, and it came as a shock when in 1999 the IRS slammed him with a $16.7 million bill for back taxes.

To pay for these taxes, Nelson released an album called "The IRS Tapes: Who Will Buy My Memories?" and had many of his assets sold for him by the IRS.

The assets that didn't sell were auctioned off, many of which were sold to friends and given back to him later.


Martha Stewart

celebs5 Martha Stewart failed to pay the $220,000 taxes on her New York home, arguing that because she rarely spent time there, she shouldn't owe taxes on it.

Stewart lied to federal investigators about a supposed "deal" she had with Pharmaceutical company ImClone Systems to sell her share of the stock if it ever dropped to under $60. There was no such deal.

The business mogul sold 4,000 shares of stock valued at $228,000 the day before ImClone announced that its highly anticipated anti-cancer drug was not approved by the FDA. Her inside trading was never proved, but she spend 18 months in jail for lying to the feds.



Wesley Snipes

celebs1In April 2008 Snipes was hit with $17 million in back taxes, penalties, and interest -- he was sentenced to three years in prison for failing to file tax returns. His stay in prison lasted from December 2010 to April 5, 2013.

The actor is on house arrest until July 19.

Rumor has it Sylvester Stallone has a part lined-up for him in "The Expendables."

(Credit: BARM/Fame Pictures)

Pamela Anderson

celebs6 "Baywatch" beauty Pamela Anderson owes $600,000 in back taxes.



Ozzy Osbourne

celebs7 As of June 2012, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne paid off $700,000 of their $2-million debt they owed for 2007 to 2009.


Marc Anthony

celebs3 Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband Marc Anthony managed to evade paying taxes for four years.

The Latin singer convinced the IRS that he didn't technically commit tax evasion because he trusted his financial team to file his returns.

Whether or not that's true is up for opinion, but his name is now cleared.

However, he still owes $2.5 million in taxes.


MC Hammer

The 36th AFI Life Achievement Award: A tribute to Warren BeattyTMZ spilled the beans on rapper MC Hammer, who was sued in 2011 for nearly $800,000 he owed to the IRS.

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