6 Awkward Money Moments

A Declined Credit Card

declinedThere's nothing worse than having a snooty waiter or sales clerk tell you your card's been declined.

However, the way to handle this one is to keep calm.

If you can, talk with the waiter or sales person privately and arrange some other form of payment, or if you can't pay immediately, settle the bill by making arrangements to come back later in the day.

You can also run to the nearest ATM to pull out cash.

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An Unreliable Friend Asks to Borrow Money

emptypocketsThis situation may seem tricky, but it isn't as hard to get out of as it seems.

Just say you wish you could help but right now you don't feel comfortable lending that amount.

There's no shame in this, because it's your money.

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Splitting the Check

surpDining out with a large party can be lots of fun, but there's always a bit of confusion when the check comes out.

Whoever organizes the gathering should be upfront about splitting the bill evenly or requesting separate checks.

It's okay to go against the grain and speak up for yourself before you order.

It's also a good idea to come to these events with a little food in your stomach, so you can order an appetizer.

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A Rich Friend

serraEveryone has a rich friend. Whenever you get together, you end up spending way more than you'd like, or feel pressured to keep up to their lifestyle.

The method we suggest here is to just come clean.

You can say "I'm going to be honest, I'm on a tight budget and it doesn't allow me to go out very often."

Explain that you really do want to hang out, but rather than going to a bar or pricey restaurant, suggest getting together at someone's house.

See our free summer activities list for more ideas!

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Who's Got The Check?

billyWhen it comes to eating with co-workers, it is sometimes uncertain as to who will pick up the bill.

Always assume you'll be paying for yourself, and if someone insists on getting the check, get the bill next time to be courteous.

If you're dining with your boss, he/she will most likely pick up the bill.

Just to be certain though, ask if this is on the company or if you should stop at an ATM to get cash.

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Pressure to Chip in for a Group Gift


We've all received that mass email from friends or family, asking for everyone to pitch in for a birthday gift.

Or we've all been asked to chip in for a co-worker's birthday present, even if you don't know this person very well.

A simple solution is to say you'll get your own gift (and spend less), or a free e-card with a nice birthday message can suffice if you're really strapped for cash.

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