Beach Necessities That Total Under $100


Beach Towels

Everyone needs them, but why buy an expensive beach towel that may get damaged or lost after a single use. You can find them for as low as $2.99 through an online retailer or your local department store.

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Beach Umbrella

Beach umbrellas are an absolute must. Breaks from the sun are very important for skin care and preventing any type of sun burn.

You can purchase a cheap beach umbrella through an online retailer for as little as $10. No need to splurge on this necessity; beach umbrellas break easily when transporting. Think frugally and get the bare minimum. It only needs to supply shade.

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Sunglasses have one of the highest markups out there. Have you ever asked yourself why consumers buy $300 sunglasses? The purpose is to shade your eyes and the last time the MyBankTracker team checked, a $5 pair gets the job done.

You can find several street vendors along popular strips in your area selling sunglasses for $5-$10 a pair and they can look pretty chic. Think smart, buy cheap.

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You need to keep your drinks and food cold, and you need a cooler to do so. You can purchase a $20 cooler that holds 28-quarts through an online retailer.

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Protect your feet! From the blacktop to the sand, you need a pair of sandals to enjoy your day at the beach. You can find sandals at any discount store for as low as $4. You can also try street vendors and athletic footwear shops. You shouldn't spend more than $15 on a good pair.

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If you need a swimsuit, you should try to look for discounts anywhere that you might be thinking of purchasing one. You can find swimsuits online, at sporting goods stores,  or department stores. Popular stores with insanely cheap swimsuits for women include Old Navy, Ross, Target and Forever 21.

Try and find discounted brands that can cost you under $15.

If you aren't in need of one now, consider buying a pair at the end of the season to find even more discounted prices.

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Avoid that sunburn or that unwanted tan/skin damage. Head to your nearest pharmacy and pick up a bottle of sunscreen for $4.

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Beach Chair

A good old fashioned beach chair is our last beach necessity. For as little as $12, you can find a beach chair in your local department store or specialty discount stores. Stay frugal and spend less, try to get the best deal you can find.

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