15 Careers That Pay More Than $50,000

15. Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

shutterstock_146732168Average Annual Salary: $52,900

Job Description: Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives inform physicians about drug information, as well as provide product samples. They also monitor the prescribing patterns of physicians within a designated geographic area.

Education Needed: Bachelor's Degree in Pharmaceutical science, pharmacology, toxicology, or related fields.

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14. Network Security Analyst

network1Average Annual Salary: $55,700

Job Description: Network Security Analysts protect computer networks and information by planning, installing, and monitoring security measures.

Education Needed: Bachelor's Degree in Information technology, mathematics or computer science.

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13. Software Developer

softwaree2Average Annual Salary: $58,200

Job Description: Software Developers make operating systems/applications for computers and other devices.

Education Needed: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

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12. Actuarial Assistant

Joan Freeman, CEO Pieta HouseAverage Annual Salary: $58,400

Job Description: Actuarial Assistants assist actuaries in setting insurance premium rates, as well as performing data research.

Education Needed: Bachelor's Degree in mathematics, actuarial science, statistics, or finance.

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11. Nurse Practitioner

Downtown Phoenix CampusAverage Annual Salary: $64,690

Job Description: Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have completed advanced nursing education and training in order to diagnose and manage common medical conditions.

Education Needed: Bachelor's Degree in a nursing-related field, a Master's in a nurse-practitioner training program (called Nurse Practitioner Degrees).

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10. Entry-Level Chef

cheffAverage Annual Salary: $69,000

Job Description: Chefs are responsible for preparing meals, maintaining quality supplies, and when leading their team, hire, train, direct, and guide other kitchen staff.

Education Needed: Most chefs attend culinary school to earn a degree, though it is not technically required.

*Figure calculated by Simply Hired, derived by calculating the average salary of all positions with the words "entry-level chef."

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9. Business Technology Analyst

busstech22Average Annual Salary: $69,900

Job Description: Business Technology Analysts improve business performance through implementing information technology.

Education Needed: Bachelor's Degree in business, information technology, or computer science.

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8. Funeral Service Manager

funeral2Average Annual Salary: $79,930

Job Description: Funeral service managers arrange the details and logistics of funerals, work closely with the family members of the deceased, however the process of preserving the body (embalming) is also a requirement.

Education Needed: Typically an Associate Degree in Funeral Service Education, passage of the National Board Examination, and service as an apprentice for one to two years.

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7. Petroleum Engineer

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill ResponseAnnual Average Salary: $87,600

Job Description: Petroleum Engineers design and develop methods of extracting oil/gas from deposits under the earth's surface and older wells using pre-established methods.

Education Needed: Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, preferably petroleum engineering.

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6. School Principal

principal1Average Annual Salary: $87,760

Job Description: School principals manage the day-to-day operations at school, including supervising teachers and staff, and maintaining a safe environment for students and staff.

Education Needed: Master's degree in Education Administration or leadership, as well as experience working as a teacher.

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5. Medical and Health Services Manager

medicall22Average Annual Salary: $88,580

Job Description: Health services managers manage the finances of their facility, patient fees and billing, work schedules, and keep their facility in compliance with new laws and regulations.

Education Needed: Bachelor's Degree in Health administration, and sometimes a master's degree in health and/or administrative fields.

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4. Physician Assistant

physaAverage Annual Salary: $90,930

Job Description: PAs practice medicine under the direction of physicians/surgeons, including ordering/interpreting tests, doing physical exams, and prescribing medicine.

Education Needed: Master's degree is completed through an accredited educational program, typically requiring two years of study at minimum.

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3. Sales Engineer

salesAverage Annual Salary: $91,830

Job Description: Sales engineers sell scientific and technological products/services to businesses. They use their technical skills to explain the benefits of such products to make sales.

Education Needed: Bachelor's degree in engineering or a related field (possible business or in a science).

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2. Actuary

actuaryyAverage Annual Salary: $93,680

Job Description: Actuaries use math, statistics, and financial theory to calculate the risk of some event occurring. They typically work in conjunction with insurance companies to develop policies that minimize the cost of risks.

Education Needed: Bachelor's Degree in Business, mathematics, statistics, or actuarial science. Also a series of exams passed to obtain professional certification.

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1. Computer and Information Systems Manager

computer2Average Annual Salary: $120,950

Job Description: Computer and Information Systems managers assess their company's computer needs, and recommend/install upgrades to hardware and software, as well as negotiate with technology vendors in order to get the optimal services for their company.

Education Needed: Bachelor's degree in computer or information science as well as related work experience. Many in this occupation also have a graduate degree, commonly in business administration.

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