Casey Anthony’s Bankruptcy By the Numbers

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Anthony had filed for bankruptcy in late January, claiming that she had only $1,000 in assets, reports the New York Daily News. Official court documents showed that she had no employment or recent income.

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On a hearing which took place on March 4, 2013, Anthony said that she only had $484 to her name. “I guess you could say I’m living off the kindness of others of others,” Anthony said of her current personal finance situation.

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Anthony also stated that she lives off of donations and unsolicited money sent to her through her attorneys. In addition, Jose Baez, her criminal defense lawyer during the trial, reportedly gave her $3,400 worth of living expenses.

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Her bankruptcy file also stated that she had about $792,000 in liabilities -- most of this debt amounted from unpaid attorney fees that totaled $500,000, investigative fees and costs that made up $145,660, taxes and penalties owed to the Internal Revenue Service at $68,540, and Florida court costs at $61,505.

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Anthony also admitted during the bankruptcy hearing that she allowed attorney Jose Baez to snap photos for her in order to license for money. Baez sold her images to ABC for $200,000, reports the AP.