6 Collectible Items Worth the Investment

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This fad is relatively new and was picked up in the last decade by people in their early 20s. These days there are many limited and exclusive releases for several sneakers in particular. These can cost anywhere from $160-$300 retail.

The moment you purchase a pair, you can immediately turn a profit. The demand for these brands are extremely high as supply is very limited across the U.S. This has made scoring a pair very difficult, causing many to camp out for up to a week for a new release.

Some pairs of sneakers can be sold for thousands through resale. In my opinion, this fad shows no signs of waning in the near future.

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Collectible Money

If you happen to stumble upon some old currency that looks peculiar or odd in any way, stash it. Coin or paper dollar may be worth a huge amount.

This collectible is one of my favorites as it is one of the best prospective investments with maybe the highest potential. The days of paper currency are numbered.

We created paper currency as a means of more convenient transport than large heavy coins. If technology tells us anything, it's that paper currency has become more and more inconvenient. With that said, I would advise you to keep at least one of your old bills.

U.S. currency is always changing. Whether it’s for fraud prevention, or just a new look, these old bills should be worth a pretty penny in the future when hard currency is no longer needed.

Beyond the saving of today’s currency, if you ever spot currency from the 1800’s, you’ll find that it may be worth a few thousand.

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This is a favorite of every sports fan. Collecting a jersey of a marquee player can have a high resale value after that player retires. This is something you can go pick up today.

Think about how much a rookie LeBron James jersey might be in 20 years. It should be a few thousand. Now consider how much a Michael Jordan rookie jersey is today. Some of his authentic jerseys are going for $10,000.

Collectors will pay very high prices to have a jersey that was manufactured in a particular year. You can also purchase a jersey of a player that only played a single season with a team or may have been traded before playing a game and still had his jersey printed. These mistakes may be worth a lot of money down the line. The player may have very few noteworthy achievements but a mistake or misprint will raise the value of the item.

So next time you want to splurge on your favorite athlete, just remember that you are potentially investing at the same time.

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If you were genius enough to hold on to the newspapers that printed President Barack Obama as our first black leader, you may be sitting on several hundred in about 30 years. Almost any memorabilia related to President Barack Obama is almost sure to be worth a lot of money years from now. If you haven’t collected any newspapers, try to collect anything related to Obama.

Depending on the headlines, main photos and of course rarity of the newspaper will affect price. John F. Kennedy assassination newspapers have sold anywhere from $25-$300.

Considering you probably purchased the paper for under a dollar, this is an incredible markup. These periodicals may not make you millions but it is a great piece of history to have and the value should appreciate over time.

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Game Consoles

Did you used to play video games? That console could be worth something in a few years. The old Super Nintendo from two decades ago can cost up to $3,000.

Of course, most casual gamers wouldn’t use the system today, but collectors want these old consoles. There are remakes of the console in production today to reproduce the beloved games of the 1990s, but an original one may be very valuable.

If in mint condition, you may be able to pull in a few thousand. If you have an old PlayStation, you might want to hold on to it. These consoles were the first stepping stones to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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A favorite of many collectors’ worldwide, stamps can be very valuable depending on the significance of the misprint or the history behind them.

Consider Hawaii’s first stamps printed in 1851; these can go for as much as $800,000!

Any stamps with a prominent figure or that represents some sort of historic event should be kept. The more oddity found in a stamp, the better chance you have at striking gold.

Stamps can be very rewarding, just stay away from collecting the mainstream issues.