How Much It Really Costs to Be a Football Fan


Attending a Game

According to Team Marketing Report’s annual “Fan Cost Index,” season ticket prices are 3% higher than a year ago. They also report that on average:

  • Cost of one ticket: $82
  • Parking: $31
  • Beer: $7
  • In total, a fan will pay an average of  $209 for a game day experience.

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Prices Vary

There can be great variety in price.

For instance, if you live in a city with a very popular team or just an expensive city, parking and ticket prices can skyrocket. The 2011 Team Marketing Report stated that NYC Jet tickets were $114.64 a piece and parking was a whopping $75.

This year, only season ticket holders will be permitted prepaid parking permits for Metlife Stadium, which costs between $200 and $350 for the whole season.

The least expensive season tickets for the Jets this season costs $350.

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Then there is the cost of tailgating:

  • Grill: $100
  • Cooler: $30
  • Food: $100
  • Drinks: $40
  • Miscellaneous: TBD on game day
  • Total: approximately $300

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Staying Home

Sure staying in is a cheaper option, let’s add up the costs:

  • NFL Sunday Ticket: $59.99 a month (you have a fantasy league to managed so you can’t miss a game!)
  • Food: about $100 a game (2-4 people)
  • Drinks: up to $30 a game
  • The cost of time it takes to clean up the mess your friends left behind: your freedom.
  • So if you throw just one small party and have NFL Sunday Ticket: $190

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Now let’s say you go to a bar:

  • Viewing the game: free
  • Drinks: $20 (two beers)
  • Food: $15 (if you live in a big city)
  • Total: $35

Drawbacks: potential standing room only and a large, possibly obnoxious crowd.

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Fan Merchandise

If you're a true fan, you probably have a jersey or two sitting in your closet. Here are average costs of football merchandise (*prices vary):

  • (Authentic) Jersey of a Star Player: $100
  • Shirts: $25
  • Sweatshirt: $50
  • Cap: $30
  • Total: $205

And then there are other kinds of merchandise that are must-haves for hardcore fans:

  • pajamas: $30
  • socks: $12
  • pet jerseys: $25
  • mugs: $10
  • Total: $77

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