Donald Sterling’s Costliest Scandals


Housing Rights Center Lawsuit

In 2003 the nonprofit Housing Rights Center brought a discrimination lawsuit against Donald Sterling. Accusations were made that he refused to rent or lease his property to minority tenants. Sumner Davenport, one of his property supervisors, claimed he not only practiced discrimination, but that he sexually harassed her. The case eventually settled in confidentiality in 2005.

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Lawsuit from NBA Legend Elgin Baylor

The NBA legend Elgin Baylor, who was a former general manager for the Los Angeles Clippers, sued Sterling in Feb. 2009. His suit accused Sterling of wrongful termination and discrimination based on race and age. Baylor also accused Sterling of unfairly handling contract negotiations with players. He sued Sterling for $350,000, the amount he claimed was owed to him, as his salary was allegedly frozen.

Unfortunately, Baylor did not win.

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Sued by Department of Justice

Donald Sterling was sued by the U.S. Justice Department in August 2006. The accusation was that Sterling practiced housing discrimination in the Los Angeles' Koreatown. He was charged with refusing to rent apartments to blacks, Hispanics, and families with children. The lawsuit lasted for a few years before it was resolved in Nov. 2009 when Sterling paid a settlement total of $2.73 million.

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Sex Settlement Case

A woman by the name of Alexandra Castro became sexually involved with Donald Sterling in the summer of 1999. She eventually sued Sterling after he allegedly revoked a $1 million Beverly Hills home she claimed was a gift.  The two reached a confidential settlement agreement at some point in 2003.

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Lifetime Ban from the NBA and the Clippers

Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, issued a statement on Tue. Apr. 29, 2014 stating Donald Sterling is banned for life from attending any games or training sessions involved with the NBA, and that he would take drastic and immediate action to remove Sterling as the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers organization. Additionally, Silver fined Sterling $2.5 million, which he said would be donated to anti-discrimination organizations.

As an investment valued at $575 million, the Clippers are one of Donald’s major sources of income. If he is forced to sell the team, Sterling will not only lose $2.5 million, but a team that produces a considerable amount of revenue annually.