5 Most Expensive Places to Spend Eternity


Woodlawn Cemetary

Located in Bronx, N.Y. and recognized as a National Historic Landmark, the price of these cemetery plots will frighten you.

Basic plot: $4,800

Mausoleum: up to $1.5 million

One of many notable people buried in this cemetery is Fiorella LaGuardia, who held the title of New York mayor during the Great Depression and World War II. He also has a New York airport named after him.

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Forest Lawn Memorial Park

This cemetery, located in Hollywood, Calif., is equally as exclusive as it is expensive.

Basic plot: $8,275-$19,175

Distinguished property: up to $825,000

Buried in this cemetery, you will find notable people such as iconic actress Lucille Ball and performer Gene Autry.

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Kensico Cemetary

Located in Valhalla, N.Y., this cemetery was built after several New York City cemeteries were becoming full. Due to the overpopulation, cemeteries started being created close enough to railroads that led to the city.

Basic plot: $1,800

Mausoleum: $500,000

Famous New York Yankee player, Lou Gehrig is one of many iconic figures in history buried in this cemetery.

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Graceland Cemetery

With over 119 acres of sprawling grounds, this cemetery is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Basic plot: $2,600-$4,000

Family estate lot: $120,000

Buried here, you'll find historic figures from Chicago such as industrialist, George Pullman and inventor, Cyrus McCormick.

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Santa Barbara Cemetery

Built on rolling hills along the Pacific Ocean, this cemetery is located in Santa Barbara, Calif. Buying an oceanfront plot in a cemetery here is just as costly as if you were purchasing a home on the water.

Basic plot: $3,300

Mausoleum: $7,200

Close proximity to the water: $21,000

On the bluff: $83,000

Famous English actor, Ronald Coleman is buried here.

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