5 Financially Savvy College Grad Gifts

Professional Resume Consultation

applicationemploymentUnless a graduate has a guaranteed job after graduation, they could certainly benefit from professional assistance to give them a leg up in the competitive job market.

Depending on your graduate’s major, it is likely that basic concepts, including resume preparation, were not heavily covered during class time. Students are left to use fill-in-the-blank templates that do not provide their skills and experience any justice.

A consultation with a professional can help craft a resume that sets a new candidate apart from the rest of the new graduates vying for the same position.

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Personal Financial Basics

personal financeThis is another topic that students in college don’t really get to learn about. Every graduate about to enter into the real world should have a strong understanding of the basics of managing personal financial matters.

There are books and computer software that can help recent graduates get a handle on their budgets, their savings, and their expenses. Depending on your graduates learning style and preference, you should be able to find a simple yet effective tool to help them manage their money and personal financial responsibilities.

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Business Attire Gift Cards

shoppingRather than investing in gift cards for entertainment purposes, you can help a new graduate build the foundation of their professional wardrobe. While not all industries require a suit and tie, many will expect employees to dress professionally.

Select department stores or specialty shops that sell professional attire of good quality. It can also be helpful if the stores offer personalized assistance to help new graduates assemble suitable outfits for job interviews and around the office.

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Industry Subscriptions

wiredFor graduates entering a specific industry, it can be advantageous to gift a subscription to industry magazines or newspapers.

These periodicals can be a great asset for graduates who need to keep up with current events in their chosen field before they have a job and after they have been hired.

Most industry and trade magazines can be given as a gift and ordered directly through the publication’s website.

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techGive the gift of technology: tt could be a great way to enhance their lives and their employability.

Many college graduates do not have the money to afford upgraded laptops or  smartphones. These items not only offer a lot of convenience to a graduate’s life, they may be a necessity in the working world.

For graduates leaving their hometowns for better job opportunities, this technology is also a great way to stay in communication with loved ones.

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