5 Games That Teach Kids About Money


1. Monopoly Deal

Of course, you can't have a list of money games without mentioning Monopoly, which now comes with electronic banking and in every edition you could imagine. The game is still a staple, though nowadays, the cool kids are playing Monopoly Deal, a portable version that substitutes hours of 'round-the-board agony for fast-paced card-dealing that still teaches the same cutthroat economic values.

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2. Pay Day

Grown-ups with regular paychecks might groan at the sight of the monthly rat race cast as a board game, but for kids, there's nothing quite like amassing more fake money than your friends or siblings. Pay Day includes real-life occurrences such as paying for groceries, getting bills in the mail, savings accounts and of course, getting paid on payday.

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3. Power Grid

For the more advanced player, there are a number of strategic board games. Just the agriculture genre is brimming with high-quality options, but for lessons about economy, we turn to the industrialized world. One standout is Power Grid, a German-based game in which players seek to supply the most electricity throughout the country by controlling power plants and buying fuel.


4. Tiny Tower (iOS, Android)

Mobile games like Tiny Tower teach business management, patience and budgeting. However, many of these games are based on a freemium model, which means that the initial download is free, but you can pay actual money to advance more quickly. Just be sure not to leave your kids alone with the iPad for too long, otherwise they might inadvertently rack up thousands of dollars in credit card bills.


5. SimCity

When it comes to computer gaming, kids these days have so many options compared to previous generations, who could only hope not to die of dysentery. Tycoon games are the best for encouraging your budding entrepreneur, and we could not be more excited for next month's release of SimCity. The new installment is gorgeous and has an additional social element while retaining the fundamental gameplay, which allows players to navigate the fundamentals of generating city revenue and paying bills.

  • EAisACashWhore

    The newest version of sim city is junk. EA ruined that for us, but if you can find ports of the older ones go for it!