7 Helpful Job Search Apps


photo(6)You should already know how valuable Monster is in the hunt for a new job. The job search website is also available on the go. See postings as soon as they are listed and avoid missing an important job listing. You can also send out applications from your phone.

What gives this app added value is the fact that is has a variety of resources to improve your performance during an interview.


Evernote-Android-AppFind yourself submitting dozens of applications but not sure exactly how many you've sent out? Evernote helps make organizing your life a whole lot easier. Organize notes for each job you apply for so you're never lost again. You can get into detail by adding relevant notes for each position you applied for. Before you head in to an interview it would be wise to review your notes on your phone. Sometimes your nerves can get the best of you during an interview, so a quick refresher on what you have to share with a potential employer can help improve your success in the discussion that is going to take place.


photo(6)You can literally see a map of where jobs are available in a city when using JobCompass.  This free application takes the job search to a new level by locating jobs within 5, 10, 25, and 50 miles of your current location. If you are interested in staying local, or want to know about openings in a particular area, this is a great app that can help you pinpoint where job postings are specifically located.  This app is currently only available on the iPhone.


photo(8)Carry your professional career profile with you at all times by downloading LinkedIn to your phone. The app can help you form a networking connection, as well as keep your profile up to date. You can follow a prospective employer on the spot or after you speak with them to show your interest in the company.

Hidden Jobs

screen568x568Looking for a job in the same field as a friend and notice that they have more leads than you? Maybe that is because they are using the hidden jobs app. Companies that are constantly growing see a lot of positions open up, but fail to post all of them online. Hidden Jobs helps you find them. The app shows you listings from press releases, newspapers, and online media to keep you stay up to date on open positions that may not have been posted yet. This application costs about one dollar, but is worth it since it can increase your chances at landing a new job in your field.


photo(6)Carrying business cards from every person you come across can easily become overwhelming. CardMunch, which is powered by LinkedIn, is an that app helps you manage the contact information found on cards by uploading them directly to LinkedIn. All you have to do is take a picture of a card that is handed to you, and the app will do the rest. You do not have to worry about losing any business cards you come across, because you will have the information stored on your phone.


photo(7)Refresh is an app that is currently in development. This app can help you gather information before a job interview, or before an appointment to meet with a potential business partner. The app will download and instant dossier of an individual for you to view. You can use this to your advantage in a variety of situations. Before a job interview you can view information about a prospective employer to determine how to conduct yourself properly during the interview. This app can also come in handy if you just made a new friend. You can look up their information and see whether or not they may be able to provide you with networking opportunities in the future.

The beta version of Refresh is currently available for the iPhone. Check back with the website to see when the Android beta will be launched.