Money Lessons From Lifetime’s ‘The Client List’


Riley's House

One of the first things we notice is how big the house is; the size is surprising (and unrealistic) given their relative youth and occupations (construction and massage therapy). I know land is cheap in Texas, but the two probably make about $45K each!

She also still holds on to her gas-guzzling SUV even though her commute is an hour each way.


The fact that Riley would not entertain the option of selling the house — or even renting it out — shows poor financial planning, especially when faced with potential foreclosure when she couldn't keep up with mortgage payments.

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A Fabulous Lifestyle

Riley's frenemy Selena is the one who recommends the job at the day spa (succinctly named "The Rub").

Selena's shiny new convertible and other high-end trappings reveal her extra services net her enough tips to indulge in a pretty fabulous lifestyle.

Look at all the benefits of engaging in a bit of prostitution!


No matter how much Riley and Selena are making, in this economy, wouldn't it make sense to spend less and figure out how to save for the future?

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Time is Money

Even before Riley started working at The Rub, she always looked flawless. I know it's a TV show, but it's an even bigger discrepancy than that huge house she has. As the cliché goes, time is money, and I'm surprised that Riley has enough of both to maintain her polished appearance.

My roommate is a single mother of one and works full-time, and she barely has enough time to do laundry, much less get eyelash extensions and style her hair.


Rather than spend your time and money looking flawless (which is unrealistic for an everyday routine anyway), why not take that money and invest it?

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Get Ahead at Work

Due to Riley's diligence and helpful attitude at work, it's not long before her boss Georgia promotes her to a manager role. We applaud Riley for being a go-getter -- one effective way to deal with financial burden is to get ahead at work.


While getting ahead is great, Riley also needs to figure out how she can retire and not work until she's 80 (not that she could, in her line of work).

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Riley's Pile of Dough

A pivotal scene in season one was when Riley's bestie Lacey roots around in the freezer for cookie dough and discovers Riley's cookie tin full of cash. Really, Riley? You're going to hide your illicit tips next to the Pizza Rolls and ice cream?


Might we recommend a safe deposit box instead?

Perhaps Riley needs to check out MyBankTracker's reviews for the best traditional banks and find a good bank to stash her cash.

Or she should put it in a CD.



Strapped for Cash

The first episode of season two is full of hijinks. Upon Kyle's return to his family, he is immediately arrested for stealing a semi-truck of copper wire from his previous employer. "It's worth thousands on the black market," explains Evan, Riley's brother-in-law and would-be lover.

Certainly, this stuff is valuable, but did Kyle really think he could get away with stealing a truck of the stuff? I guess he and Riley are meant for each other after all.


If he was so strapped for cash, perhaps Kyle should've considered pulling out money from his credit card.

Or perhaps Kyle was facing a large amount of debt, in which case he should know how to avoid bankruptcy.

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Cut Out the Fat

In a weirdly out-of-place scene, Riley saves money by eschewing a gym membership and running stairs at the local stadium instead.


Considering her line of work, Riley definitely needs to look good... but did you know that employers now enticing workers to get fit by offering financial incentives?

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The Verdict

Verdict: Riley is clearly still working things out financially, and her deadbeat husband doesn't help the situation.

Riley has friends and family to depend on in times of need, though keeping her illicit occupational activities a secret might turn out to be more trouble than the tips are worth.

What will the kids say if both mommy and daddy end up in jail?


Riley needs to learn how to wisely invest her money.

She also needs to figure out how much she's worth.

Maybe she should have her kids invest!