North Korea by the Numbers: Kim Jong-un Is Worth How Much?!

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Oh Great and Powerful Leader

After the death of Kim Jong-il in 2011, his son Kim Jong-un replaced him as the leader of North Korea.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kim Jong-un is currently valued at $5 billion. Earlier last month, a joint investigation conducted by the South Korean and American governments revealed that the North Korean dictator and his family controlled these assets, distributed throughout more than 200 foreign bank accounts in multiple countries.

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Kim Jong-un's Love For Bling

North Korea’s economy is one of the weakest in the world, but that doesn’t mean that Kim Jong-un will live in paltry like the citizens he’s ruling. According to the Chosun Ilbo, diplomatic sources revealed that Kim has a penchant for expensive sauna equipment to help battle hangovers and fatigue, $10 million yachts, and $90,000 luxury watches.

His wife, Ri Sol-Ju was spotted carrying a Dior handbag worth $1,594 -- an average year's salary in North Korea.

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The Sad North Korean GDP

The current Gross Domestic Product per capita for North Korean residents is at about $1,800, according to a 2011 estimate from the CIA. Compare that to the $32,400 for its neighbors in South Korea, $49,800 in the United States, and $9,100 in China.

North Korea’s current GDP per capita ranks 197th in the world.

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North Korea's Economy

North Korea currently has about $16 billion in debt and a purchasing power parity of $40 billion. Most of these numbers are based on estimates from outside sources, and not figures that North Korea releases.

According to another estimate from the CIA, it exports $4.707 billion a year and imports approximately $4 billion. North Korea’s exports include minerals, textiles, agricultural and fishery products. Its imports include petroleum, grain, and machinery equipment.

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Military Expenditures and Assets

The population in North Korea totals 24 million. Of the 24 million, there are currently 4.8 million males and 5.3 million females fit for military service. On the frontline, there are 1.1 million personnel.

According to some estimates, North Korea currently has $7 billion in their defense budget, which is approximately 16 percent of its total budget. Their navy consists of 46,000 personnel and land system consists of 5,400 tanks.


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North Korea vs. South Korea

Here are some staggering comparisons of North Korea and its more economically superior neighbor in the South.

  • South Korea's exports total $552.6 billion, while the North averages $4.71 billion.
  • 82% of South Koreans actively use and have access to the Internet, as opposed to 0.1% of North Koreans.
  • The intentional homicide rate per 100,000 people in South Korea is 2.6, while in the North it is 15.2.
(Information sourced from Yahoo Finance.)


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An estimated 200,000 North Koreans are held in secret camps as political prisoners.

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Kim Jong-il's Extravagant Lifestyle

Kim Jong-un's late father Kim Jong-il, reportedly lived a ridiculously wealthy lifestyle.

  • In a 2001 train trip Kim Jong-il took to Russia, he had a 16-car private train that was stocked with crates of French wine and live lobsters.
  • Kim Jong-il's former private Japanese sushi chef revealed Mr. Kim had a wine cellar stocked with 10,000 bottles, and indulged in pricey shark fin soup on a weekly basis.
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Kim Jong-un's Lavish Spending

It seems like Kim Jong-il passed along his lavish taste to his son. A recent U.N. report found that Kim Jong-un isn't afraid to spend generously. According to the report, Kim Jong-un tried to import luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles, dozens of pianos, and high-end musical equipment. He's also a fan of fine liquor, specifically cognac.

The report estimates that state spending on luxury goods increased from an average of $300 million a year under Kim Jong-il to $645 million in 2012.


Special Relationship With China

China is a vital supplier of many of North Korea's resources, including energy and food. China supplies nearly all of North Korea's gas. And some 80 percent of North Korea's imports come from China.

  • terpsez108

    (according to) Celebrity Net Worth—there is a station in life to claim on your resume–amazing –I bet a tax free endowment set up that for somebody’s daughter to run between her late lunch–massage and the demands of a Happy Hour Barstool

  • Jerry Ku

    “The intentional homicide rate per 100,000 people in South Korea is 2.6%, while in the North it is 15.2%.” No, the intentional homicide rate in South Korea is 2.6 out of 100,000, not 2.6%.

    • ClaireTak

      Noted. Thank you for pointing that out, Jerry!


      It actually reads like this:
      “The intentional homicide rate per 100,000 people in South Korea is 2.6, while in the North it is 15.2.”
      Why are you correcting it? You added the percent sign, then corrected them for it?
      Are you ok?

      • Jerry Ku

        If you pay attention, ClaireTak fixed the error after I posted about it. You posted 14 hours ago, ClaireTak saw my post 21 days ago. I posted 25 days ago.

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            I think time is moving forward.

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        The world needs more Grammar Nazis. That will show those b@stards.

  • John Prentice

    Kim Jong il, Kim il Sung & Kim Jong Un are all alcoholics. North Korea resembles nothing so much as an alcoholic dysfunctional home. The Kims are the alcoholics who drink all the money away and issue nonsensical edicts, infantile fools that they are.

    • papo1957

      In A.A. meetings in North Korea, they shoot the drunks who continuously keeps on drinking. No such as “rehab” or “counselling”.

      • Bugs Belavuchi

        AA for AnotherAssasination

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        Nice grammar, moron.

    • karim

      I saw his video he can barely walk is overweight and looks drunk.has trouble walking clear indication of parties and over eating.

  • bluecollarbytes

    So among other things, North Korea is run by gangsters.

    • Peoriaboy

      And what are we putting up with here in America?We got four retired presidents and Clinton has made 200 million since he left office and who knows how much the rest of them are worth and guys like Jerry Browns old man who stold more money than you can shake a stick at and then all the senators of every state who pilfer ever thing they can get their hands on. These retired presidents just go around making speeches collecting kick back money as I can’t see any college paying a man 200 thousand a speech ,just don’t make any sense to me he can’t have that much to say as you listened to him for eight years so why would you pay for crap you already heard?

      • Moose

        Same as watching MJ on the court again. We saw him countless times in the 90s’ but I guarantee you that people would still shell out $1000 a ticket just to see him again. Instead we settle for hanes commercials….sigh. Anyway, theres something about being in the presence of a successful individual/ celebrity that most people cant get enough of.

        • Nunya Bidness

          Really? 200 million to be around someone successful? More like 200 million for doing what he was asked to do in the 90’s (sign NAFTA).

  • Cory

    I can only assume there is a justice for this in the other life. He better be a great runner cause I can see a horde of murdered Koreans running him down.

    • cole

      they are starving they don’t have the strength to fight back, they are too hungry and trying to eat each other, when the population goes down to where don’t have enough people to work they will try and attack south korea, so they can conquer them and enslave their population to keep the money and regime in place.

      • Bobby

        One guy…three bullets… Brought down Camelot.

  • papo1957

    This is my 2cents that U.S. should hack into his bank accounts & use it to pay off the deficit.

    • Jim

      Was it 6 billion in wealth? That would cover right at two days deficit spending here in the US.

    • David

      Wait wait … don’t you see, he should have the money because he’s a job-creator.

  • TeamCropDusters

    One of the worst families to walk the earth. They are literally living in the Dark Ages.

    • Moose

      Yet the populace of NK supports them….

      • rtk25301

        Supports? I’m not sure if brainwashed people count as support. The rest are scared to death.

      • Bugs Belavuchi

        Do you think they have a choice? Look up NK prison camps, if you say something that can be taken as rebellious its either death or three generations placed in the most extreme work camps one can imagine. Take a vacation there sometime maybe you’ll avoid such a stupid statement next round

        • Bobby

          I’ve often wondered why there hasn’t been a military coup in N.K. in the past half-century. Then I read about what the little dude did a few months ago to people that he thought were being disrespectful and, thus, subversive. But, it’s also my guess that the farther up the totem pole you go the more your vices are indulged. Thus…no one is gonna do anything about it.

          As a comparison, Nazis tried to kill Hitler…as far as we know, no one has tried to kill the runt… that guy must have an iron grip on everything including the ability to have a free thought.

        • Nate Pease

          What is sad is our government allows this to countinue. Cp Stanley 00-01.

    • Dr. ABC

      You don’t know the definition of the word literally, do you my friend?

      • Ed Johnson, Hemet CA

        LOL I think you’re right (literally)

    • Joe

      Minus those nuclear weapons they completed building and testing while we were playing around in Iraq …. where there were zero nukes.

  • frugal

    He his worth 5B. To get away with it his cohort do the same. that is why the country is broke and the low level of the population are in starvation mode. Look at him he needs to go on a diet…a money diet

    • Bobby

      Wonder how far off he is from Clinton… He went from being broke to being worth over $100Million dollars in 5 or 6 years. What’s the difference? Clinton makes a big deal out of those mini-loans of $75 to help some poor dude in Africa learn how to plant radishes….yet he banks and heads a foundation worth billions.

  • JonaD

    So, what this article is saying is…

    IF the U.N. sued KIM and attached his foreign assets, they’d pull $5 billion from him, but instead… they are penalizing the country, who don’t have enough sugar to resist offering to fix antiquated Cuban military hardware?

  • elel210

    Dictators love to take all the money and leave the people starving. What is new?

    • Gary S

      Not much different here is it.

  • jeru0455

    Ah, communism… If irony could exist as literal manifestation of a place…

    • Moose

      What they have over there is communism only in name. In reality, its a dictatorship through and through. Peoples republic, my a$$

  • FAAQ2

    And 5 million for those stupid hats !

  • Bubba

    It is a good lifestyle, to be the “dear leader”.

  • disqus_cnAj9I7Pzo

    I was in S.Korea in 81, 82, 83. It was pretty poor then. People riding 3 wheeled tractors pulled by steers. Very little income back then. Glad to hear they are doing better now.
    N.Korea will always be poor. They just don’t play well with others.

    • disqus_cnAj9I7Pzo

      Back then if you owned a car, you had a driver. or you were a taxi. Never seen that many taxi’s before, not even in NYC. They used to say a 1/4 inch between bumbers was an 1/8 too much.

  • gold6185

    You’d think with 5 billion-he’d be able to find a decent barber.

  • Duke Justice

    The Worm is totally gold-digging here. I get it now!

  • Dick Delson

    And most of his people have nothing to eat. Another piece of shit.

  • President Broke Obummer

    Hey nice avatar


    it seems to me that his 5 billion should purchase food for his children, countrymen and women. If he does it right he would be more popular than ever. He needs to get off his keister and provide, not divide his citizens. It’s a bad way to become dictator when he lies to Rodman about his country’s situation. It’s time for the world to help only if Kim promises not to be like his predecessors and kill everyone in sight that doesn’t agree with his thinking. Get rid of some of those old time generals who thinks keeping people locked up like dogs is a way to have loyalty. That’s part of the problem but Kim thinks he might be targeted next byn those generals! Just like Germany and Russia, they have knocked down the old ways and brought in the new. They are fairing well so Kim should take a shot at it.

    • Moose

      Yes, but he has perfectly fine control over his people, so what incentive does he have to spend money on them? (and don’t say, um, cuz its the right thing to do, because its a moot point)

    • jonno

      you have a good point–if only he beefed up on his machiavelli. It’s possible to live large without making everyone hate you/miserable.

    • Bobby

      HE LIED TO RODMAN?????? Geez…the portly parasite is scum…. Lied to Rodman??? Wonder if The Worm has realized that the superior cognac was really Courvoisier?

  • Lifelike

    Reminds me of the cavalier millionaires in congress that shut down the government as a political stunt while putting nearly a million people out of work.

    • Nicholas Blair

      Nice one, Bauhaus.

    • Charles

      Hey slapdick. There is more wealth in the DemonRat party than in the Republican party. And that doesn’t even include all they steal under the table from kick backs.

      • Lifelike

        Completely false and The Democrats didn’t throw a hissy fit and shut the government down, and put people out of work because they were unable to change a law through standard legislation. The House Republicans did. Oops! What else ya got?

        • Bobby

          Go back and show me one thing the Dems did to STOP the govt shutdown. They sat back and said, “No” to all Republican proffers (remember one of htem was to postpone part of the Obamacare implementation) and then blamed the Republicans.
          That’s what they are doing now…no new laws…just Obama and his pen. Pretty near every bill passed by the Republican House never gets out of committee in the Senate. Want me to remind you who controls all of the Senate committee chairmanship positions???

        • justusdj

          You apparently missed the story about the Democrats fleeing the state in WI to avoid having to do their job, thereby shutting down the government. Oops! Got something!

        • Bobby

          Democrats wouldn’t talk…they said to the Republicans, “Shut down the govt and we will blame you.” And that’s what they did.

          • Kyle Wagner

            Neither the Republicans or Democrats have had a successful compromise.

  • dolphin888

    $1800 average is not too bad.

  • Vince Ferraro

    Is that $5B net worth with or without counterfeit US money the regime is known to print?

  • Hyung Lim

    With all that the Kims’ have going for them, why on Earth would they risk any hot conflict with the West? The rhetoric and threats keep the wine stocked and the aid coming.

  • Will Vazquez

    i wish our debt was 14 billion . i would ask the president for a one billion dollar party

  • Will Vazquez

    i don t believe non of this stuff . 15 per 100000 .not bad considering there eating each other … i just laugh at this garbage .

  • Will Vazquez

    where is the proof . i call you on it .

  • Bugs Belavuchi

    All that money and a 1 1/2″ manhood with a 74 IQ, funny how nature has a way of balancing things out

    • Mitchell Glaser

      You’re exaggerating. I heard it was 1 1/4 inches.

  • Bugs Belavuchi

    2.6% is 2.6 in a hundred
    .26% is 2.6 derths in a thousand
    .026% is 2.6 deaths per hundred thousand

  • Nunya Bidness

    All of these people down below are damning Jong-un. Ever wonder why his family has remained in power so long? It has nothing to do with, ‘his people.’ Notice how the only concern for them is limited to wishy-washy articles like this? You don’t see the UN, NATO, the World Bank or WMF doing anything to ‘liberate,’ the North Koreans.

    In our global story line, someone has to be the bad guy.

    • Bobby

      Uh….read your history books and also check to see whose army swarmed southward during the Korean “police action”…..same thing would happen today.

      My sincere question is: What would the population do if, suddenly the power structure (and its far larger than one Pillsbury doughboy “leader”) disappeared? How would the citizens act? There is really no economy…no products to go through any sort of non-existent distribution way to get life-saving food and medicine to the masses…. would the citizens simply stand around with a blank mind? They aren’t allowed to have independent thoughts now…how would they suddenly be able to make decisions and have thoughts/ideas that have been smashed from their minds?

      When I was in high school, a neighbor was Korean War veteran. He always talked about two things. One was how cold it was in Korea. Two—-human suicide waves coming and coming and coming…. With a military of over 5,000,000 that’s a lot of folks to kill and, truthfully, our military just isn’t big enough to do the job without being overrun. This would be a return to the massive land wars of the past. Not like the stuff the military has had to deal with in Afghanistan/Iraq…

  • Mitchell Glaser

    Cool. Let this be the beginning of our War Against the Rich!

  • Bob Saccamanno

    On the international scale, NK is a joke but the Kim family has an iron grip on the rule of it. No country wants to attack it because there really is nothing to gain , in fact , it would seriously be a huge cost to restore it to some sort of normalcy. Better we stay out of there and let the Chinese be the puppet master there as they have been since the 40s. These people don’t have electricity in the night as shown by satellite photos, they don’t have food to feed their people and unfortunately, many starve to death.

  • jon wilson

    People reduced to cannibalism ? He needs to be taken out.

  • hobbes

    NK people are starving and we give them aid so they can spend the little money they do have on experimental missles which they fire over Japan and their leader is loaded? Why are we sending our tax dollars to feed people when he can afford to feed HIS OWN PEOPLE?
    fat boy needs to put the cake down and step up.

    • Jay

      We are sending our tax dollars to his starving people because we Americans, in general, are as ignorant as their dictator is. How? We continue to elect people in DC who can make us feel good and cater to our need to be more comfortable. These same people whom we have given the power to govern in our behalf, to do the thinking for us because we can’t seem to think for ourselves anymore, spend our hard-earned tax money (those of us who still have jobs) to programs such as this and support and enrich a country like China who’s solely responsible for keeping the utilities on for NK and supplying them with raw materials that enables them to manufacture these long range missiles! We are participating in this vicious cycle whenever we support retail stores that depends heavily on China. The leaders that made promises to “create jobs in the good old U.S.A.” are the same ones placing higher taxes on U.S. based companies that are then forced to move elsewhere. But wait, that’s “NOT OUR FAULT” right? Its the rich people’s fault! Their the ones with the extra dough right? So they should be the ones to pay for our ever so ignorant and convenience based lifestyle! By the way, I’m an Asian-American and a member of the Independent Party.

  • Umpire_Sam

    5,400 tanks ?

  • YoonYoungJo

    Hwy, dont knock the Un. He deserves it! Hes done….. Hmm… He suffered through… uhhh. Hes worked real hard at one time during his life in school… Wait, his father probably purchased his grades nevermind. Lets see… Well hes earned it because hes not some American slob duck in the pond. Apparently. no Senator, Congressman, or President deserves or earned anything. There all just rich slob Ducks in a pond, thus this is why Un deserves his lifestyle, and the entire US Congress, Senate and President are jokes compared to him. Im Kim Un mofos, 18 hole in ones in a row!!

  • samuel jackson lager

    This is what happens when you let your fat spoiled brat kid take over the family business.

  • samuel jackson lager

    It’s sad that the world’s governments sit by and allow this to continue.


    proof money can’t buy love.

  • colorbar

    The responsibility for this North Korean mess solely lies with China. If they would stop supplying the regime with the bare necessities, Kim Jong Un would be out faster than you could say “Pillsbury Doughboy”. Apparently China is worried that the fall of Un would eventually result in a pro-western Korea at China’s doorstep. Or the huge refugee stream toward China that could start once things collapse in North Korea. Those Chinese concerns are not entirely unjustified. But it seems to me that intelligent international diplomacy should be able to deal with that. As an example, some kind of neutral status for North Korea could be negotiated between the super powers, once Un would have been replaced by leaders who place the interest of their people over their own. It is really astonishing that this kind of barbaric stuff is still possible in the 21st century.

  • Truetomylove4

    My two cents. This is the reason why communism is not right. No one should have more or access to more than each of the people living under communism. It is not equal when one has more than the other and that means leadership like here in the United States when the authorities have more than most of the people and control the wealth by the wealthy making laws to keep poor men and women working for what they say they are worth–minimum wages set by law by the rich, famous, lawmakers and the elite capitalist just like this fella. There is no difference in our leaders and the leaders of the United States.

  • Layne Staley

    ‘Why, that’s a nice machine gun you have there sir”

  • Lou Vergas

    Somebody needs to shoot this murdering porker point blank back of his fat head.

  • L. Meyer

    tick … tick … tick …

  • Fooby

    Paltry is an adjective, not a noun.

  • diogenes21

    Imelda Marcos May have had more shoes

  • Boris Roberts

    It’s good to be the King. Tyrant King. Heck, I’d probably do the same thing if I could. Probably wouldn’t kill my ex old ladies though, but you never know……

  • rickahyatt

    Hey, how much do you want to bet that untold numbers of Kim Chee’s favorite female soldiers (You’ve seen the photos) went down in that apartment complex? It just FITS, somehow…

  • Smokie Treats

    KJU may have $5 billion in assets, but as a person he isn’t “worth” much of anything at all.

    • Bobby

      Yeah….my mama kept telling me that when I was a kid. Character…integrity…blah..blah…blah…You will get your reward in heaven… Tell me, honestly, do you really think KJU gives a rats patootie what anyone else thinks of him. Do you really think he questions his own judgment, morals, character, etc?

  • Me

    Figure out where “Kimmy” is getting his pricey shark fin soup on a weekly basis and poison it with slow acting whatever. Problem solved; the sharks are safer and so are the people.

  • Buck Disqus

    This is why communists deserve a bullet to the brain. It’s all “the common man” BS its just a scam to deprive you of your freedom AND STEAL A NATIONS WORTH.


  • Roberto M

    The State actually encourages alcoholism as a way to keep citizens too drunk to care about what goes on all around them. Coal mine and factory workers are fed a steady diet of cheaply made rice wine and third rate Russian vodka as a “bonus” from the Dear Leader. If you want to really get a grasp of what the life of an ordinary NK citizen is all about, pick up a copy of Escaping North Korea by Mike Kim. Kim is a former economist who gave up a lucrative career on Wall Street to work with missionaries who help settle North Korean refugees in China, South Korea and in the West. The testimonies from the refugees themselves are bone chilling. It’s much worse than anything that you read in articles like this.

  • SandHills007

    Just read “Animal Farm” it’s all you need to know about North Korea…

  • William P. Homans

    You mean people from Cote D’Ivoire, Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan produce more per year than North Koreans? This stat needs more info.

  • William P. Homans

    And what percentage of the US budget is for “defense”? And we don’t just heave threats (or at least that’s not all we do), we just as often go out and stomp on people.. I’m not defending this bad, bad man, but the US exceeds 16% defense budget: From Wikipedia:

    Military budget and total US federal spending[edit]

    Fiscal Year 2012 U.S. Federal Spending – Cash or Budget Basis.

    The U.S. Department of Defense budget accounted in fiscal year 2010 for about 19% of the United States federal budgeted expenditures and 28% of estimated tax revenues. Including non-DOD expenditures, military spending was approximately 28–38% of budgeted expenditures and 42–57% of estimated tax revenues.[citation needed] According to the Congressional Budget Office, defense spending grew 9% annually on average from fiscal year 2000–2009.[25

    Kim Jong-Un is no more a military hawk than the leaders of the Democrat and Republican Parties.

    • Bobby

      With reasoning like that you’ve got to be from Colorado or Washington…state…Oh wait, or Washington DC or Berkeley

  • movieboywon

    Poor little Kim. He keeps killing off his friends & relatives! Rodman wont go see him anymore, he may hate dogs? . Maybe we could put a freeze on his billions of bucks until he straightens up? We could send back his $ attached to a drone.

  • JL

    N.K. resembles a Democrat utopia gone wild.

    • Joe

      NK is a Republican utopia. Republicans knew they were working on nuclear weapons and would test them soon. So what did our Republitard President do? He invaded Iraq instead and watched while North Korea finished making and testing nuclear weapons.

      Instead of worrying about North Korea becoming a nuclear power with the 5th largest army on Earth …. Republicans invaded a country that had ZERO WMDs and absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.

      Republicans sure give a lot of gifts to dictators.

  • Ken3580

    Doesn’t Kim Jong Un know that he won’t be worth anything a spilt second after he dies. He won’t live forever. “It is appointed to man once to die, and after that the judgment.” Hebrews 9:27

  • Heartwood

    As much as I hate to send our young people into harms way I could easily vote yes to drone this gnome. Some folks are worried about retaliation but I think his people would have a kegger.

  • John Stanton

    This article provided very little information on how much King Jong-un is worth, just a lot of regurgitated facts about North Korea that everyone knows. I get tired of these fluff pieces on the internet that are designed for you to look at them based on a false premise, solely to sell ad space.

    • Warren Lauzon

      Because nobody really knows – I doubt if he himself knows. Because his yacht and palace etc are all supposedly property of the state officially.

  • Trisha Doherty

    3/4 of PRK’s GDP goes to buying those Huge damn hats for the military top brass

  • Dave W

    Those hats actually double as patrol boats……the little bastards are frugle.

  • Carla

    Every alcoholic partners with an enabler

  • Jones2112

    This fat phuck is worth more than 5 billion yet the North Korean people are starving to death, communism at its finest right there…

  • John Richardson

    This is a regime belonging to a people who could use a coup de’tat but since the people don’t have knowledge and the country is literally cut off from the world, they can’t get ideas to pull it off. Heck, they probably don’t know what a coup is, or how democracy could benefit the people. The people in charge are probably brainwashed not to care.

  • LunaticHorizon

    Stuntman Mike does like you bad mouthing N.K.!

  • Kyle Wagner

    Looks like North Korea isn’t doing so well.

  • rishisraj

    I think the North Korean leader should get a pension as President and salary. Rest of his wealth should be used as a countries foreign exchange reserve to be used for its people’s well fare

  • evilbob

    Being a criminal does pay


    this all reads like propaganda…leave it up to a certain part of america to think that the public is stupid while trashing a foreign leader like a tabloid gossip column while trying to make us look down on this guy when our own leaders, politicians are in multiple scandals, & our own countries living conditions & racial & gender discrimination are severely broken.

  • Alan Morrow

    North Korea rhymes with diarrhea!

  • Eileen Marie

    These poor children. It’s very cold there and look at how they’re dressed. Shame on Jong-Un. That little girls face says it all. Misery.

  • teddyb

    How does a person live in “paltry”?

  • Kathryn Nighbert

    What countries other than China are buying from them?

  • Flo

    I think it’s ridiculous how Kim Jong-un spends but I don’t think the article gave enough credit to the fact that his father did pretty much the same thing. We learn from our parents, if they don’t teach us who will?

  • Mark Dobzuzinsky

    What difference does it make how he spends,he has no idea how real life is and he has his whole country under a spell.
    They have bno isea how the real world works and someday he will proably use his nuclear power.Them we will all have to worry.Somehow we or the world has to stop them they starve there people ,they don’t allow them to listen read or hear anything about the real world,and that’s what scares me its like Nazi Germany during the 1930’s and the 1940’s